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We Find Prostitutes For English Speaking Guys Seeking Spanish Speaking Escorts in Mexico



The Short Version

You tell me what you want in an escort; amount of time, maximum you will pay, and the sex acts you absolutely must have.  I don't accept clients who have unrealistic expectations.  If I accept you as a client, you pay me $800 pesos by making a deposit to my Banamex account at any Oxxo convenience store.  ("Bad whore insurance is available for an additional $400 pesos.) I send you links to websites where Mexican escorts advertise for Mexican clients in Spanish.  You send me back a list of girls you want me to call.  I phone the girls, and when one meets your criteria of price and sex acts she will do, I make the appointment.  The process normally takes 2 days.  (Start on Wednesday, appointment Thursday.)

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threesome with two mexico city prostitutes Special of the Month
Trios in Mexico City

$6500 for 2 hours. Total Price! Both Girls!  $10,000 Pesos, All Night


For this month, we've put together combinations of bisexual girls in Mexico City who will do a lesbian show and threesome.  All combinations include a Lesbian Show, Threesome Sex, and a Girlfriend Experience. Possible services (some for an extra fee) include BBBJ & CIM (oral without condon & cum in mouth), anal sex and Black Kiss.  It's an experience you'll never forget.  Taxi fee extra.


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The Complete Version


Your Maximum Price, The Amount of Hours You Want, The Sex Acts You Must Have - Before we talk about anything else, I need to know that I am not being set up for failure.  I've had guys who have asked me to find a girl 14 to 16 years old who would do anal for two days for a maximum price of $50 USD.  True story.  I said "no" based on illegal age and a ridiculous price.  More common is a guy who wants BBBJ-CIM and anal for two hours for a maximum $1500 pesos.  $1500 pesos will buy you one hour (no extras) with an average looking girl in most major cities.  Of course, every client wants the most gorgeous girls, usually under 25 years old.  These are also the most expensive.  A typical price for the top girls is $2000 pesos one hour, $3500 two hours, no extras.  If you want BBBJ-CIM or anal, you eliminate 80% of all escorts.  Mexican girls don't want cum in their mouths, or a dick in their ass.  Their ads promise sex without reservation, but these promises are false.  Typical price for BBBJ-CIM or anal sex is $500 pesos to $1000 additional, added to the base price.  If you want both, you eliminate 95% of all hookers.  You can have the most beautiful women.  You can have BBBJ-CIM.  You can have anal sex.  You can have an escort experience at a modest price.  You can't have them all together. 


One good way of deciding that you MUST have or the maximum you will pay is to think of the most desirable woman of your ultimate fantasies.  Would you have me say "no thank you" to her if she charged $1000 pesos more than your maximum?  Would you want me to tell your dream girl "no thank you" if she wouldn't do anal, or let you cum in her mouth.  What happens frequently is that I say NO to the first 7 to 10 girls on a list, because they either charge too much or won't do everything the client wants from her sexually.  What happens frequently with demanding clients is they get someone from the bottom of their list. 


You do not need to tell me ANYTHING about what you want in physical appearance from your Mexican girl.  It's a waste of time.  YOU will be selecting hookers from photos, and sending me a list.  I don't need to know why you find them attractive.  


Next step: Payment - If you are reasonable, I will invite you to pay me $800 pesos or $45 USD.  If you are in the United States and not yet in Mexico, you can pay using PayPal.  Use my account paul@escortsofmexico.com.  Most guys go to an Oxxo convenience store in Mexico and deposit $800 pesos to my Banamex account #5204 1649 6717 8499. The cost is $9 pesos to make the deposit.  The transaction takes less than 5 minutes.  It is as common as a deposit in a bank.  No one has ever had a problem, except that the Oxxo system experiences a lot of technical issues.  There is never a problem with the clerks, just their computers. 


Bad Whore Insurance - About 25% of the chicas do not show up.  It's just part of the game.  For an additional $400 pesos, I will start from scratch, with a new list of girls if you like and a new time.  Otherwise, it's a service without a guarantee of success.  I only guarantee my best effort.  Of all the men who  


Links to Escort Ads - Once paid, I will send you links to ads where local hookers search for Mexican clients.  They will all be in Spanish.  This is not a problem.  Most ads use 200 words to say nothing but clichés, meaningless promises of quality and passion and discretion.  Often they babble about guaranteed service, but there is no guarantee....ever.  You pick the girls based on the photos.  It's my job to get their prices, and make sure they will do the sex acts you absolutely need.  


Appointment Details - I need 6 pieces of information.

1) The day you want your appointment
2) The time you want your appointment to begin
3) How many hours you would like to reserve.
4) The name and address of your hotel
5) Your room number       
6) The name you registered with the hotel                                                       


Inexperienced guys always want to make it complicated.  "Have her meet me under the palm tree 4 blocks from the hotel."  They don't want to give their real names, or their room number.  They don't know why, but they think that's dangerous information.  It's simpler to wait in your room.  For the girls to get past lobby security, they need to be able to recite your name, as registered with the hotel, (NOT "Jungle Bob" or "Love Machine Marty") and the room number.  If they have that information, they pass without incident.  If they don't have the information, or worse, if the client gives false information, then the girl is treated like a criminal, humiliated and held until you come rescue her.  That really puts a girl in the mood for love.  Make it easy on everyone.  We have a system that works.  Please just give us the information we need. 


Your Chica List - This is usually fun.  You review the ads, pick the girls you want sex with, and send me a list with links to their ads, in order of preference.  There should be a minimum of 15 names and links to their ads.  The more the better.  If no one is answering, I can run through 15 names in 30 minutes.  More is better.


Calling Escorts For You - Once I have your list, I will begin calling, starting with your first choice.   You'd think that a girl running an ad would be available, and answer her phone.  Not true.  Only 50% answer their phones, sometimes less.  When I get a girl on the phone, I ask her about her services, and if she'll do anal, if that's the service you want.  If they say "No", I thank them and go to the next on the list.  When I find a girl who does what you want, I ask her price.  I don't immediately offer your top price.  If they are cheaper, I seal the deal and make the date.  If they want more than you are willing to pay, I tell her your top price and ask if she would like the appointment for that much money.  In Cancun, for example, many girls ask ridiculous prices because sometimes Gringos will pay.  I've had girls start asking $28,000 for all night and end up accepting $7000.  My service doesn't cost money in most cases.  I save my clients more than they pay me.


Confirmations - When I have an appointment for you, I give you the good news.   If the appointment is scheduled more than 4 hours later, I reconfirm with both you and her.  This eliminates 75% of  "no shows".  Sometimes they don't believe its a real date until the appointment is confirmed.  I also need to know if you or she is running late.


Last Minute Emergencies - Escorts are usually women who are getting by on their looks and sexuality.  They are often spoiled and stupid, which doesn't mean their service won't be amazing.  It does mean they get lost, get confused, can't follow directions and can't make it to appointments on time.  I am always standing by at appointment time.  Sometimes there are problems with lobby security, or the elevators need a room key that the client forgot to mention.  Sometimes the client sends the room number with a typo error, and the girl ends up knocking on a door one floor up.  Whatever the problem, I'm there to solve it.  Only when he client or the girl says "we are together" do I consider my work done.  Unless the bitch is a "no show".  


Bad Whore Insurance - About 25% of the chicas do not show up.  It's just part of the game.  It's not my fault.  It happens to me as well in my private life, in just about the same percentage.  For an additional $400 pesos, I will start from scratch, with a new list of girls if you like and a new time.  It can be the same day, the next day, or a future date. Otherwise, it's a service without a guarantee.  If you don't buy the insurance and the bitch is a "no show", you can either live with it or pay the $800 a second time.  Have you ever heard a worse sales pitch?


All this usually takes 2 days - The Translation Service doesn't work for guys who want a girl in an hour or two.  We need to communicate too much back and forth.  I've been able to do same day service if a gentleman starts in the morning, has reasonable sexual requirements, answers my queries immediately and is willing to pay the going rate for a special girl.  If the client pays my $800 peso fee (or $1200 with Bad Whore Insurance) before noon, and sends me his list within an hour of receiving the links, we can make things happen the same day. 


Contact the Translator and get started