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Just 20 miles south of Tijuana's Zona Norte is the sleepy beach town of Rosarito Beach.  During American Prohibition in the 1920's, Rosarito Beach was a glamorous getaway.  Hollywood stars and other well-heeled travelers would visit the then new Rosarito Beach hotel, where they could relax, party and drink without concern.  The speakeasy crowd went to Tijuana.  There's archeological evidence that the beautiful beaches there have been enjoyed since 2,000 B.C.  Spanish conquerors and their priests passed through on their way to other places.  You could say that for 4,000 years, Rosarito Beach has been about tourism.  Today, there are 900 hotel rooms, 25 resorts and a population of just less than 100,000 people. Except for Spring Break and similar "college crowd" holidays, Rosarito is still a great place to go and relax.  Within 300 yards of the Rosarito Beach Hotel there is horse back riding,  parasailing, four wheeling, and you can take a ride on a hyper-lite plane. 


Rosarito Beach is not a mongering destination.  Just as it was in the Hollywood Heydey, it's a place to relax by the beach.  However, it's an easy town to find an escort.  It's so close to Tijuana, the services will send girls to you there.  There are strip clubs, though they don't compare to TJ.  Maybe the slower action is just what you're looking for. 



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