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Please read the safety warnings.  Tijuana is not always safe.


Say Tijuana, and most men immediately think of escorts, strip club chicas and the Tolerance Zone famous for it's streetwalkers.  The Mexican border at the Tijuana crossing is located just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, but is a world away from U.S. culture.  Prostitution is legal, and you can easily find a hooker in a short amount of time.  The Zona Norte is where the action is.  (Also called "La Zona Rosa".) At the center of it all is Callejon Coahulia, also known as "the alley".   The trick is to have a safe experience, get exactly the sex service you want and pay as little as possible.  There are 7,000 registered sex workers in Tijuana.  That's a small city population of women (and yes, men) who compete in the sex-for-money business.  Many of the women you'll see on the streets have beautiful faces, long dark hair, beautiful breasts, shapely legs in sexy stockings, and a dick bigger than yours.  Be aware of the many travestis, also called shemales.


Unlike Mexico City, where you can find beautiful people (men, women and shemales) one the street, in Tijuana,  the best escorts are either found in the hooker bars like Adelita's.  Hooker bars defy definition.  They are a combination of strip club, brothel and a regular bar.  Most have dance floors, but the girls don't dance.  They stand on the stage and wait for you to beckon.  The tables below are where you drink, and maybe order a drink for the woman you select.  The bar girls don't sit for free.  You have to buy them drinks to enjoy their company.  If you want to have sex with them, they lead you to another location.  Often, like Adelita's, there is an attached hotel.  Your girl takes you out of the bar, and immediately you're heading upstairs for the room.  These are not strip club privados.  These are also not salidas, where you pick the girl out of the strip club lineup and take her to your hotel.  These are not brothels, where the girls line up in the lobby and you pick one and go to the room.  In a hooker bar, you can just drink and look, drink and talk with your acompanante, or you can take her upstairs for sex.  It's a nice system, but a little different than most other Mexican cities. 


What sets Tijuana apart is the sheer number of escorts.  You can find them as independents advertising online, in brothels, strip clubs, on the streets....there are even a few massage parlors.  Think Amsterdam with a Spanish accent.  You can find elegant ladies, ugly girls who'll do an anal gangbang for $40 and everything in between.  Tijuana mongers argue they get the best sex in Mexico for the best prices. 


Gilbert from San Diego reminds us to be careful.  "I never had any problem in Tijuana along the many years I have used to go there. 3 months ago I was robbed by the municipal police searching me for drugs.  I made the mistake to carry $200 with me.  I reported them to the tourist office and to the US consulate.  But I still see them in the streets.I learnt my lesson.  I now carry little money with me."  This is rare, if the story is true at all.  Municipal police are there to ensure that Gringos are protected.  Without Tourists, TJ is a just another dirty, desperate border town.  $200 isn't so much of a temptation.  Maybe Gilbert forgot two zeros on the amount.  You're better off to have the cash in case you need it, and $200 is a minimal amount.  Tourists are NEVER searched.  It's hard to know the complete story from hearing one side.   


The problem with finding escorts (prostitutes) in most of Mexico is there's no information.  Tijuana is just the opposite.  There's too much information!  The Cityxguide  forum reports alone have several hundred pages.  TJ Amigos is a forum community dedicated solely to Tijuana, and the monger members are all like tenured Professors of Prostitution.  Also excellent is the World Sex Guide or International Sex Guide in their Tijuana sections, and 21 Or Over info on Tijuana.  Shoot us if we've missed anyone important.  Point is, if you're new to the Hobby or are visiting and just looking for a little help getting started, it can be overwhelming.  If you're a monger in Southern California and you are familiar with TJ, visit our other pages when you visit other cities


Newbies, start with your limits.  How much can you spend?  How much time do you have?  Are you alone or with a group?  Tijuana is famous throughout the world for it's strip clubs.  If you have a few hundred dollars and a free evening, treat yourself to a night you'll never forget at the Adelitas or Hong Kong.  A "can't miss" sight for a visitor in the Zona Norte, where you'll see dozens (maybe hundreds) of street hookers.  The navigation at the bottom of the page will help you find the escort, strip club, massage parlor or brothel you are looking for.  Couples looking for a swing club will have more choices north of the border, though we have links to local ads.  One of you will need to be semi-fluent in Spanish. 


If you have no problem with Multiple Shots on Goal, one option is to whet your appetitive on a street girl in the afternoon, then enjoy a strip club experience later in the evening.  If you're from Nebraska or somewhere and don't know, all the strippers here are hookers, and the rules back home don't apply.  They want you to touch them, stroke them, and fondle them while they dance for you.  Stroke her titties.  Rub her ass cheeks and pull her close.  She'll be all over you at the same time.  Once you're both ready, she'll take you somewhere private and either suck you off or give you full vaginal sex.  If you've never been to Mexico, the experience is unbelievable.  You may think twice about spending $500 in a strip club back home where you can't get closer than 3 feet, much less grab the good stuff. 


General Tips:

Driving:  Park on the U.S. side and walk across.  Use these maps.  Take a cab to the Zona Norte or your preferred strip club.  If you're going to take your car across, make certain to buy insurance from any of the agencies advertising on the U.S. side near the border. 

Cabs: The cabbies are paid to take you to certain places and their commission is added to your bill, so it's best to know where you want to go. Always get a price before the trip starts.  

Water:  Drink bottled water, bottled beer or soda from cans.  Stay away from the local water. Your system isn't ready for even a little bit of the new microscopic friends you'll make from the local water.

Food:  All the restaurants may look dirty to you, but some are much more careful than others about your health.  Stay away from salads and ice, and anything else that would expose you to local water.  Cooked foods may be a little more greasy than you're used to, but you should be fine.  If the restaurant is advertising in English, that's a good sign.  Never eat from the street carts. 

Cleanliness:  Wash your hands ever chance you get.  Money and doornobs can make you sick if you touch them then rub your eyes or put your fingers in your mouth. 

Condoms:  Always use condoms, and it's better to buy them in the U.S.  Opinions vary, but it's very rare to get sick from a BBBJ.  (Bareback blowjob.)  For some of us, the rewards outweigh the risks.

Relax:  Don't get freaky and start spraying everything with Lysol.  These are just precautions.  Most people are careless and nothing happens.  If you have a sensitive system, though, these common sense tips will make sure your Mexican memories don't include Montezuma's Revenge. 


   Other things to do:

  • Shopping: Mexicans come across the border to shop for almost everything.  Only buy crafts they make in Mexico, like hand carved onyx, leather goods, hand-woven baskets, Mexican liquors and the like.  Start at Avenida de Revolucion.  (Just say you want to go to "Revolution".  Cabbies will understand.)

  • Jai Alai:  There's no other game like it in the world. Basket like gloves, a rock-hard ball thrown against a wall at speeds up to 170 mph and incredible acrobatics are some game features.  For more, visit a history of the game or find out about tickets.  The Jai Alai palace is on Avenida de Revolucion. Easy to find. 

Cultural museum:  There's nothing that says you can't go screw a beautiful young Mexican street girl, visit the world famous Tijuana Cultural Center museum, then head for the strip clubs. There are art galleries, 3D movies, local dinosaur fossils and More.  The dome building is amazing.  This is stimulation for the other head on your body. 

  • Bull fights:  Held on Sunday in the afternoon.  Not for the faint-of-heart or those with queasy stomachs.  Tickets are $12 to $40 USD.  Bonus points if you take a copy of Hemmingway's Blood and Sand.

  • Rosarito Beach.  Half an hour south.  Have a drink at the old Rosarito Beach Hotel and imagine you are a Hollywood Star during prohibition.

  • Have your car reupholstered.  It may sound strange, but if your ride needs upholstery, you'll pay less than $500 for $2,000 worth of upholstery work.  This pays for the entire trip.  Do the research here.  The main thing is to just stay with the car while it's being worked on.  Tell them you own a used car dealership in San Diego and if they do a good job, they'll get more work.  Go to Baja Jr, 3rd and Negrete (2 blocks from Revolution). Talk to Ricardo the Owner.  Reputation?  Good work, fair price and he will stand behind his work.  There are other shops clustered in that area if you want to comparison shop.



Corruption in Mexico, Tijuana in particular, seems to be getting worse.  This is not the United States of America, where the citizens have an unrealistic view of how the world works.  There is no law in Mexico.  The police are there to keep order, not protect the citizens.  They are underpaid.  The accepted practice is to accept bribes from people caught breaking minor laws, or even major ones.  You can find hundreds of stories online of tourists intimidated by police, and giving them money to avoid trouble.  This is especially true in the Red Zones where the bars and the hookers beckon those looking for cheap drinks and cheaper sex with the many prostitutes who are looking for Gringo dollars.  The following is my correspondence with Neal.  As you can read, I didn't really believe him at first. However, you can often tell a false story by the lack of details and the "I was completely innocent" posture.  I believe what Neal writes is very close to the truth.  Let it serve as a warning to all of us.


Neal said Hi. I was in tj about a year ago. Drinking water and soda in the red zone. When I was leaving,  the police followed me and pulled me over for no reason.  My car was red and shiney. After searching me and my car, They said my cialis required a prescription.  They robbed me of 160 us dollars.  Don't travel alone in tj at night! If you're a white person.


I responded to him with a certain amount of skepticism: "I have not heard many stories like this.  I've lived in Mexico for 5 years.  The police are corrupt, but there's a system to the corruption and rules that they follow.  I have heard many stories of police using minor infractions to extort money.  That is common.  They also expect to be paid a bribe to do their jobs.  That's the system.  What I have never heard is a story of innocent people minding their own business being robbed by the police.   Usually there's more to the story than Drinking water and soda and pulled me over for no reason I'm not saying this did not happen exactly the way you say it did, but I will say there are usually two versions.  Did you take your money at gunpoint?  Did they threaten you with violence?  Or did you just grow weary (or get frightened) and offer your money as a way of ending the confrontation?   Did you report these crooked policemen to their commanders?  Without hearing the other side of the story, I'm going to reserve judgment. "

Neal replied "I'm in Rosarito right now. The problem is it was at around 4am. And they searched the car and found my money and kept it all. Remember you usually only see the tip of the iceburg. The rest is hidden but very real. I would love to go back to tj, but it was too bad of an experience. I had hid some money in my car and they searched until the found it all. They did escort me to a more secluded area before they stuck it to me. Then asked if I wanted to go back to the usa, and I said yes. So they then escorted me to the border. So I couldn't go back and report it.  i was in the red zone. When the sidewalk security saw I didn't spend much money, they radiod the police. They were obviously working together.  The problem also was I am very tall and bleed milk white. And my car stood out just as much.  Honestly I can't go back because it was so spitefulley done.
For some icing on the cake, a man I met yesterday at the Villa de Lis hotel was drinking coke last night and sober. But they spiked his drink. Luckily he didn't drink it all.  Robbing incidents are getting worse.

I don't know about you, but Neals story has enough truth in it that I would be VERY cautious being in Tijuana alone, especially late at night.  If you have information to share about erotic services, or experiences in TJ, please contact us