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It is easy to get confused.  Some of the best Tijuana strip clubs are really brothels, and the vice versa.  The Adelita Bar is listed under "brothels" but there is a stage where the hookers stand around waiting for you to beckon them to your table.  The Hong Kong Club and Madonnas are strip clubs, but you can be having sex with the "dancers" within minutes of meeting them. We can argue about which is which, but why bother?   If you just want to get laid, go to Adelitas or one of the other brothels.  If you want the strip club experience (and THEN get laid) you are on the right page.   


Consider this an introduction to Tijuana Strip Clubs.  There are websites with many more details.  TJ Amigos is a forum for American mongers in Tijuana with lots of opinion and good information.  A article for new people was written by Brockton O'Toole on the CityXGuide.  It's a few years old, but the most detailed for a first time visitor.  It tells you where to go, what to pay, and the best approaches with the ladies.  It even tells you where to park.  To summarize, you're safer here than at a U.S. strip club.  Don't hire a street hooker because they're mostly ugly.  Convert your money to pesos, and get lots of $20, $50 and $100 peso notes.  It's mostly tip money.  (Minimum $10 pesos.  $20 pesos is better, so get LOTS of $20s.)  Mexicans just keep the change, or try to. If you're a farm boy, be careful of the nice strangers who offer to help you when you walk on the streets.  You can goo to Adelita's, the Chicago Club, the Hong Kong Club, Las Chavelas or Madonnas.  They're all within a block of each other.  Other clubs are further out.  All the dancing girls are hookers at the strip clubs, and all the hookers will dance at the brothels.  Once seated, use the waiter to fetch the dancer you want.  Tip the waiter often in small amounts.   Buy the girls drinks or get them to dance for you, or both.  The girl (the one on the left works at the clubs) will ask you to go to the rooms.  The cost should be about $50 to $70 for the girl and about $15 for the room.  After you have finished, there will be a series of annoying little guys begging for tips as you leave.  You can pay them, but it is not required.   


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The Adelita Bar

The Adelita Bar is the larger and more popular of the all the clubs.  You're likely to see couples walking to and from the bar entrance to a set of stairs to the right. These stairs lead to the Hotel Coahuila, the standard hotel to do business from the Adelita. In the evening and sometimes the day, you may see anywhere from a few to a large crowd of guys standing in front of the entrances, casually observing who comes and goes. A number of taxi drivers will also be standing in front.

Once past the red curtains, you'll be facing a dance floor raised one step above the ground with a silver dancer's pole three quarters towards the back of the stage. Red booths surround the dance floor and are scattered throughout the rest of the bar. The main bar is along the right wall past the girls bathroom and in front of smaller dance floor in the back right corner. A second bar lies to the left of the main dance floor, to the right of another small dance floor against the left wall, and in front of the guy's bathroom in the back right corner. A big screen TV will be straight ahead along the back wall.

Adelitas opens sometime in the late morning, but there are usually no girls until after noon. A decent crowd will probably not form until two or three in the afternoon. The bar will not close until around five or six in the morning. 



The Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club


The Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club cater to "high rollers", a relative term in Mexican economics.  If you can afford an evening at a U.S. strip club, the Hong Kong Club will pick you up and take you back to the border.  Skip the cab fare and arrive to Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club in style. This Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club VIP service provides you and your party free VIP transportation from the US Border and return drop off, entry into the club, complimentary admission, half off your first lap dance and your first domestic beer!  Vip membership costs $50, and is a crazy bargain if you're going to go back.  Yes, you're kinda committed to favoring one club, but the Club and adjoining hotel are cleaner, the girls are prettier and they'll treat you like a high roller.  If you've got a liberal girlfriend, it would be a killer date. 


They have an excellent website at http://www.hktijuana.com/.  They make you join (it's free) if you want to see the pictures of their dancers.  They really want your business. 


Las Chavelas


Similar to the Hong Kong Gentleman's Club, Las Chavelas is looking for a better class of Hobbyist.  It's more of a Mexican country bar, and has live music.  Another great spot to bring a date.


Like the Hong Kong Gentleman's Club, Las Chavelas has an excellent website.  (Do they share ownership, or just the same web developer?)    If you want to see their photo gallery, you have to join.  Again, it's free.  This is a well-run bar that wants to earn your business when you want a strip club / brothel in Tijuana, Mexico. 



The Chicago Club


The entrance to Chicago Club is a small hallway with red curtains near the back. Like the Adelita, Chicago will have the clipboard guy and the taxi drivers, but usually fewer in number. The steps leading up to Hotel Jalos, Chicago Club's hotel, are to the immediate left of the entrance. Hidden from view from the outside, is a small coat and purse check for the girls to the left as you enter. The guy in here also sells gum and candy. Past the red curtains you'll find a room less than half the size of the Adelita Bar. You'll enter alongside the left wall in front of an alcove with a raised step and some bar stools. The main bar will be directly in front of you set back into the left side of the room while a smaller bar will be to your immediate right. A raised dance floor similar to Adelitas will be slightly back and to your right with red booths circling the stage. Along the back wall from left to right is a back room, the girls' bathroom, then the guys' bathroom.

Chicago also opens in the day, but is primarily a late evening bar. Very few girls and customers will probably be in before 3pm, and a good crowd usually won't form until at least nine or ten at night. CC closes earlier at three or four in the morning.


Tropical Tijuana


Like the Hong Kong Club, Tropical Tijuana promises to pick you up and drop you back at the border.  One of the largest threads on TJ Amigos concerning Tropical Tijuana, (TT for short?).  It talks about girls who will do BBFS at the Tropical.  BYOC (Bring Your Own Condoms) unless you like to party on the edge.  Visit their website for more information.  On TJ Amigos, Grovese shares the prices at Tropical. "Rooms are $12. for 30 min and include 2 towels. Double for 1 hour. Girls are $40 to $60 and negotiable. Generally one or two new spinners each week."


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