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Escort services provide "outcall", where you phone, ask for a girl, and the agency sends you someone to your hotel, condo or residence.  The top services speak English.  You expect better quality, fewer hassles and management help if the girl doesn't perform as advertised.  It's great if  you can't or don't want to leave your hotel.  There's an outstanding article on the "who, how much, where, when and why" of how to use a Tijuana escort service on the 21orover.com website.  

If you're not fussy, you can pick up a street girl.  Almost all are unattractive, but dirt cheap.  These are the girls that cannot get a job with an agency, strip club or brothel.  They are largely low class, overweight, and ugly.  The successful independent escorts, escort services and brothels are much more likely to get a monthly health checkup, ensuring that your chica doesn't have disease.


An escort service is the safest way to get laid.  Be careful on the streets of Tijuana.  The TJ police are corrupt and dangerous. 




Adult Baja - GFE, BBBJ  Providers

Receptionists Speak English


Adult Baja Escorts has women of all shapes and sizes.  Paris and Madonna, at left, are typical. If your taste runs to bigger breasted women, Adult Baja has C, D and DD beauties. While few of the girls speak English, your appointment is made through an English speaking madam named Ann.  All her girls are gorgeous, and all love to kiss and give oral stimulation without condoms.  Most do more; anal, CIM (cum in mouth), lesbian shows, threesomes.  Prices are affordable, more what you'd expect from independent escorts, starting at $120.   Serving Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito Beach.  See their VIP page for more photos, prices and information.


619 793-4940 619 793-4940 6646.03.1393 or 619 882-8437 (text only)



Cum in TJ lists 30 girls, all 6+, attractively presented.  The website is in English.  GFE is standard with the normal $125 USD hourly rate no matter which girl you pick. For $200 USD an hour, almost all their escorts will also do anal, and/or have a threesome (FFM).  Most CUM in TJ escorts will do 8 hour overnights, including anal, for $500 USD. Each girl has a page with "clothes on" photos, and very specific information on what she's into sexually.  Hint:  they all claim world-class oral skills. A provider with Cum In TJ is Gumersinda, pictured at left.   Gumersinda is a GFE provider, loves giving BBBJs and might be willing to try anal. 



Mexico Lindo Bar


The Mexico Lindo Bar website tells the story (in English)  of how they shut down the bar, and turned the business into an escort service.  There are about 50 escorts to choose from, making them the largest escort service in TJ.  They have a unique program called Tag Team Dating.  You get two rooms, with you in one and a male buddy in another.  Two escorts show up for a 3 hour service.  Somewhere in the middle, the girls switch rooms.  The charge is $800, $300 apiece.  However, the price per hour per guy is a manageable $100 USD.   MSOG are included.  Normal prices are $150 and $200 USD, the larger amount includes anal and/or bisexuality.  Not all girls take it up the ass, or are bi.  Visit the page for each individual girl for more information.  The Mexico Lindo Bar escort service has a several  really hot MILFs available, like the two at left.    


Elegant Escorts of Tijuana


Elegant Escorts of Tijuana is a boutique escort agency with 9 girls who charge between $100 and $150 USD ($1,200 to $1,800 pesos).  They have a few English speaking girls, but most only speak Spanish.  There is not as much information on each individual girl.  If you're looking for a tall bisexual or a busty girl who'll do anal, you just have to call.   The girls are all 6+, with the two at the left being representative.  They have a "virgins" page, with no one listed.  Are there any virgins 18+ in Tijuana, escort or otherwise?  They also have a girl who works from Rosarito Beach




Fantasy Escorts


The Fantasy Escorts website is written in English, and has 6 girls listed with A and B cups.  All charge $120 USD an hour.  They offer one unique service.  All their escorts are willing to have lesbian adventures.  We assume they'll do FFM threesomes if they'll have sex with either women or men.  That bumps the price to $175 USD.  ($2,100 pesos.)  If you and your girlfriend/wife are swingers and want to treat yourselves to a slim escort, you might want to browse the pages.  The sweet bisexual morsel to the left is Yanice, 22 years old.  She asks that you take the full time, and satisfy her as well as yourself. 



Diosas - Several Goddesses


If you seek pleasure in every way, with a discreet lady, smart, loving and willing, complacent and unhurried, ready to pamper you as you deserve, because you are the most important date.  They will do one-on-one,  parties, lesbian shows.





Street Escorts - Call them streetwalkers, SW, putas, prostitutas / prostitutos, hookers and whores.  There are a lot of chicas, and they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and costumes.  You can have a woman, a man or something in between.  Tijuana is a sexual smorgasbord that rivals the legal red light districts of Europe.  If you are a Hobbyist and either live in San Diego County or visiting San Diego, TJ is where you want to be.  It's raw, down and dirty sex.  The reported prices for street girls are between $25 and $80 USD, hotel extra.  You can find a young beauty working in the streets, but many men report that they prefer the clubs.  If you're not experienced at picking up street hookers in Mexico, here's a little common sense advice. 


Learn a little Spanish - We have a few basic terms on our vocabulary page.  Most of the girls speak a little English, but it's nice to know a few terms.


Sores on the mouth - They're not cold sores.  It's oral herpes.  It's not dangerous, but highly contagious.  Keep looking. 


Negotiation - Expect to pay $25 to $50, up to $80 for the best looking girls on the street.  Keep in mind that the price for the best girls in the clubs rarely comes to $80....most often $50 USD.  Why pay more for a street hooker? When negotiating, find out what it includes.  Usually, you have to pay for the hotel, no more than $20.  (There are advantages to shopping for a girl in front of the hotels.  The light is better, and you can assess both the girl and the hotel.)  We don't argue about the price, unless it's ridiculous (like anything over $80) or you know the going rates.  Instead, we recommend negotiating for time or "options".  (If you want anal, for example, don't wait until you're in the room to talk about it.)   Find out if she has a condom.  ("Condon" in Spanish.)  If you can, buy your own condoms in the U.S.  If you want Half 'n Half (blowjob to start, regular sex to finish), ask if that's included.   If you want to kiss her (GFE), a blowjob without condom (BBBJ) have anal sex or anything else that's unusual, ask her.  Always find out how long your have once you're in the room.  If you want an hour, for example, make sure that's included in the quoted price.  Also find out how long you'll have the hotel.  Many have a normal charge for times ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.  You'll be unhappy if you want and pay extra for an hour, only to have some irate Mexican hotel employee banging on your door after 30 minutes telling you to get out. 


Choosing a girl - You don't need our help telling you who you're attracted to, but use a little common sense.  If her clothes are dirty, what does that tell you?   If she acts as if she's doing you a favor to talk to you, is bored, desperate or acting strung out on drugs, keep looking.  You want a girl who has clear eyes and acts normal.  Often, you'll do well to "people watch" before selecting.  The best girls are often busy.  Wait, and you be rewarded.


Is she a hooker? - Nothing is more embarrassing than soliciting some poor girl on her way to her job as a store clerk.  All Mexican girls dress sexy.  Forget the shoes.  In Mexico, all women wear tacones, or ultra high heels.  Look at the rest of her clothes, her makeup and her attitude.  After 15 minutes, you'll be an expert.


Safety - All the licensed girls are checked regularly for disease, but not all girls on the street are licensed.  Always use a condom, even if you think you know the girl.  As far as getting robbed, or beaten up, it's not gonna happen.  Just use common sense.  Don't drink too much, and never buy or use drugs in The Zone, or anywhere else in Mexico.  If you stay within The Zone where there are plenty of people around, you  won't get robbed.  Don't flash a lot of money, wear expensive clothes or jewelry (this includes your watch and wedding ring) or do anything to draw attention to yourself.  Stay aware of your surroundings, and anyone taking an unusual interest in you.  Don't leave a hooker (or anyone) alone in the room with your valuables, even to go to the bathroom.


Have Fun - If you're into happiness with your sex, find a girl with a smile on her face and a Good Vibe.  Don't be afraid to walk away.  Some men confuse courtesy for self-preservation, and end up with an aggressive bitch because they were too polite to say "no".  Don't   Find someone who wants to have fun.  You're not doing anything wrong.  It's the World's Oldest Profession for excellent reasons.   





Sexy Baja Club


The Sexy Baja Club website claims over 1,800 active listings.  That's just for sexy females in Tijuana.   They also have listings for Mexicali, Tecate and Ensenada.    It's a big website, with listing categories for masajista (massage), VIP, travesti and male escorts.   It's easy to navigate, even though it's all in Spanish.  You can sort several ways, including city (Ciudad) , age (Edad),  women, men, travestis (categoria) and price (donacion).    All ads have photos. Many different girls list the same number, so smaller agencies may use them to advertise.  Don't get confused.  This is not an escort company.  There's no guarantee or recourse through Sexy Baja Club, which simply provides an excellent website. You'll be contacting independent escorts (or smaller agencies) directly.  Some speak English.  The airbrushed girls to the left request a donation of  $130 an hour. ($2,600 pesos, mas o menos.)   Prices start at $800 pesos (around $50 USD).

Sexy Tijuana


The Sexy Tijuana website is a shopping guide for independent Tijuana escorts.  They don't have any relationship with the chicas, who are all independent. It's all in Spanish, but many of the girls speak English.  They make escort shopping convenient.  Check the "mujeres" button to eliminate ads by swinging couples and male escorts.  Prices range between $800 pesos and $120 USD ($2,400 pesos, +/-.)  Many prices start low, but have add ons for BBBJ and GFE.  Girls range between 5 all the way to some pretty amazing 9/10 women.  The most beautiful escorts are often bargain priced.  With 720 listings, Sexy Tijuana has plenty of escorts to choose from.   The two girls pictured at left are running a special; both girls with GFE for $1,000 pesos.  If you find these girls attractive and want a threesome, you won't find a better value anywhere in Tijuana.  That's around $40 USD each per girl with GFE and a bisexual threesome.


Damas De Noche (Ladies of the Night)


The Damas De Noche website only has about a dozen girls, but they are all very attractive.  Prices are pretty consistent around the $1,500 peso ($120 USD) level.  Like the other directories, you browse from a photos page.  Click on her photo, and you'll go to her page.  There, you'll get all the information you like, including what she likes sexually, bust size, dress size, contact information and prices.  The two photos at left are of Ximena.  She's a C cup, 100% GFE, and loves to 69.  Her cell number is 664.129.9300, or contact her at ximenatj@hotmail.com

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