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Check out the Zona de Tolerencia, where most of the Tampico strip clubs are located.  It's an area just off the town square.  You can get help from a taxista if you're looking for something specific, but you won't have trouble finding action.  Some clubs to look for are The Mirage, Club Isabel, Casablanca's and Brezzers.  According to reports, the area is safe.  Don't hate yourself if some street hooker makes you forget about having a Tampico strip club experience.  Most of these young girls will give you an hour of full service with GFE for the price of a 3 song privado.  One strategy is to whet your appetite in the clubs, then feast on street vendors.  


DaBigGuy had some nice things to say about the Tampico Strip Clubs on the WorldSexGuide.  "Jet Set has changed name, I think it is now called Mirage or something like that, haven't checked it out so I can't say if things inside have changed, I doubt it has too much though. There is a club downtown, Club Isabel that was a great place a number of years ago. On my first visit to Tampico I was invited there by the crew off a vessel I had been visiting and they recommended I get a private session with this one particular chica. They wouldn't say why at first but when she went on stage, she was a hot little number and I went for the cinco privados. Well, let me tell you that she was a horny little nympho! She started off with a CBJ, which quickly changed to a straight fuck. While we were doing that, I started sucking on her ample breasts and imagine my surprise when I suddenly started getting milk!!! She'd obviously had a baby in the not too distant past. After about a song's worth of straight sex, she made it obvious she wanted it up the culo so away I went!! All of that for the grand price of $40. You can understand why Tampico is my favorite place in Mexico! I don't know if Club Isabel (or whatever it is being called this week as I've noticed it has changed names at least twice) is still the same. Last time I was in there, my friends and I were the only gringos. There was another club, not too far from Plaza de Libertad, Casablanca's I think the name was. It was kind of seedy looking but had some VERY nice chicas and also lots of SW around outside if you are into that sort of action."


Lgetz wrote a nice review about a dancer at Brezzers (formerly Tampico de Noche) on the CityXGuide.  Basically, he scored the hottest girl in the place, with a beautiful face, D cup tips, nice ass, long hair and legs.  He paid $800 for a privado, plus a $200 overtime penalty and tipped $200 because she gave him a GFE and let him cum on her tits and face.  Worth reading the whole story, though the dancer has probably moved on by now.  Lgetz paid $1,000 pesos ($80 USD, depending on the exchange rate).  This is much more expensive than average for Tampico.  He didn't argue about the money, and instead focused on charming the girl.  Did the strategy work?  She gave him everything she had, and was still grinning with cum dripping off her face.  You da man, Lgetz.  


El Apodo wrote on the same forum "Centro Tampico is safe, you should be able to walk around without any problems. Tampico is not nearly as big as Monterrey and most of the centro clubs are within 4 blocks of the Plaza de la Libertad."