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The local newspaper La Jerga gives two strip club awards.  Best strip club in town: Alter Ego (for it’s "hands-on" approach, allowing you to let your fingers wander all over the dancers) and Hottest Strippers, awarded to Fiesta Charra. 


There is a forum article with information on both clubs.  " Farther out on the Dolores Highway, there's this garishly-painted building, the Fiesta Charra.  (Shown in the picture at the left.) A large poster visible through the front gate identifies it as a night club featuring scantily-clad women. Recently I met one of the principals of this enterprise. He described it as a "table dance" club.  Bilingual Mexicans use this expression, "table dance", to mean what is called in Spanish, a baile privado, an expression that transliterates to "private dance". When I asked my friend, what exactly did a baile privado consist of, he described the act known up north as a "lap dance".

This knowledge cleared up for me the reason for the rules posted by the door; namely, that people wearing shorts or sweatpants, or who are drunk will not be admitted. The management wants to avoid the consequences of loose clothing or loose inhibitions.

Aficionados of such places would consider (Alter Ego) to be "classy". If you can grasp such a concept. For those with modest means, San Miguel has some downscale joints. Alter Ego is located on the periférico next to a flooring retailer, near the Red Cross building. Looks like a warehouse. That's because it is a warehouse.


The author goes on to mention two more clubs, Eros and La Cabana.  Arbitrarily, I've listed La Cabana under brothelsThe girls don't dance there.  They do at Eros.  If you live in San Miguel or know the scene, how about telling the rest of us about it?  We'd all love to learn from your experiences.