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 In The Johns Guide To Brothels of San Miguel, an anonymous author gives us an outstanding tour of the sex scene in San Miguel.  I wish things we so easy for every community in Mexico.  Along with the strip clubs, he mentions several whore houses.  (Brothels, or "casa de citas".) One is particular is fun to read about. "People in the know will tell you that Los Ranas is a disreputable house. Patrons are almost entirely males who drink at a bar where women get undressed.

The aged father of a friend suffers from mild senile dementia, so a couple of young men are employed to see to his needs and provide him with companionship. Eventually the boys discovered that Dad has an interest in the esthetics of the female form. To indulge him, they began bringing him to Las Ranas. Dad's bar bills mounted, and worse, he fell in love with one of the "hostesses".

Finally, my friend told her father that a disaster had occurred. A man had been shot at the bar, and the place had been shut down by the police. Everyone who knew Dad was asked to maintain this fiction, thus enabling him to rediscover the paths of righteousness, and to live once again within his income. Who knew such temptations lurked in this most religious country?"


The author also describes other brothels (casa de citas) as well.


"The girls at La Cabaņa are called ficheras , because for each drink bought for them, they earn a ficha (chip). They also dance with patrons, for a fee. Each dance earns them a ficha . At the end of the evening, they cash in their fichas , earning their income for the night's work." All good clean fun. Except the B-girls aren't willing to settle for the chicken feed they earn from fichas .  Two parties, each of whom has something the other wants. A market is created!

Negotiations take place. Potential services are explored. Prices are discussed. An agreement is reached, but before the deal can be sealed, a third party must be satisfied. La Cabaņa stands to lose the services of one of its girls, a girl who would otherwise be drinking cola or selling dances. The client must compensate the club for loss of revenue. Twenty bucks to the bartender, and you're on your way.

Most of these places make rooms available for clients who are too tired or woozy to go home, or otherwise need a little horizontal time. Apparently, though, La Cabaņa generates enough overflow that the adjacent Autohotel has sprung up to fill a niche." 
Most of us are more familiar with the border towns and the resort towns.  It's fascinating how it works when the buyers and sellers are all local.