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chica intensiva tetas grandes


In most cities, we try very hard to keep the independent escorts separate from the "company girls", the ones who work for the escort services.  In Puerto Vallarta, this is impossible.  From the small time pimps with just a few girls to the larger, more legitimate services, all of them list their girls as independent sexo servidoras.  There are no independent escorts in Puerto Vallarta.  They are all with escort agencies. 


Speaking of rooms, you need to make sure you can get a girl into your hotel.  Most don't allow it.  You can either try to sneak your chica in, or go to a cheap hotel where they rent rooms by the hour.  Your girl will probably know where they are.  Sound like a lot of work?  That's why many guys just go to a brothel, pick up a street puta, or have sex in a back room at one of the strip clubs.


Puerto Vallarta has a great reputation as a tourist destination, but there aren't any independent escorts.  The problem is, there are unscrupulous escort services who use phony ads, then send you a different girl.   If you decide to call one of the girls that you find here or elsewhere, make it clear that you will not let the girl past your door if she isn't the girl in the photo.  Even if the ad assures you the photos are 100% real, that doesn't mean they match the girl who these unscrupulous pimps will send to you.  Buyer beware. 


Some of these ads were translated from the original Spanish.  Unless the ad is marked with "Speaks English", they don't.  Almost every girl on this page only speaks Spanish. 


Many of these ads are old, and we've had reports that some of the phone numbers don't work.  In PV, we recommend you use an escort service, a brothel or even street girls.  Independent escorts in PV are extremely difficult to do business with. 




If you want a dark young Mexican girl, call me.  I'm Betty, 22 years old with a nasty little body;  big boobs and a nice ass you'll not get tired of playing with.  I'm ready and willing.


044 322 29 48 555





I'm a 23 year old escort with nice 32B boobies, a 24 inch waist and a 38 inch rear end.  I'm horny and enjoy sex.  I'll kiss and touch you like a girlfriend.  I'll do more than that, much more.  Call me and we can talk sex acts and prices and set an appointment.


  3316919499   yanet_guadalajara@hotmail.com:



Professional Companion


Hi Guys, I'm offering my services as a professional companion, wherever and whenever you like.  Ask me what kinds of sex I'll do, and for my prices. 


gatita.sexy79@yahoo.com.mx       3221 28 6684





They call me Monica the Ass.  You can see why.  I'll let you pull my panties aside and slide in, for a reasonable price.  Call me when you're in PV. 


044 322 171 9851




I'm the girl in the photos, guaranteed.  Have no doubts and call me for complete and total pleasure.  I've got a body built for love which I exercise in the gym.  Big breast, tiny waist, nice ass, pretty face. 






Hi, I'm Naida, the woman who can complete all your fantasies.  My services are like your favorite dish, tasty and rich.  I'll give you a massage you'll never forget.  I'm very clean.  For more information, simply call me. 


044 3310 40 6108


CAMILA - Bisexual and Loves Threesomes


I've got firm 38C titties and a big tight butt that you can enjoy to the maximum.  I'm a horny girl, and sexually explosive.  I'm bisexual, and enjoy dates with single women as well as men and couples.  My favorite dates are couples where the woman is "bi curious".  The combinations never end.  Let me lick your girl while you tap my ass.  If you'd like me to bring one of my girlfriends, I'll do that as well.  Ask me more about what I'll do, but I'll tell you now I don't say "no". 


3311 19 2131




I'm Chelsey, a pretty girl and a new escort.  I love sex, and you can do Russian sex with my big breasts.  I give full service.


044 322 17 19851





Hi, guys, I'm Gloria.  I'm an escort here in Puerto Vallarta and I have friends who you can have sex with as well.  We're available 24 hours a day. 





Ximena - Extreme Sex


I'm Ximena.  You call me when you want extreme sex.  Call me for the details. 


322 140 9588 





I'm a pretty princess whore of 19 years, tender and sweet.  That's no tall tale.  I'm a student, and I have sex with tourists for extra money and my own pleasure.  It's free if I'm not the girl in the photo. 


322 164 8250





Mmmmmm.  Nice ass and pretty face.  Make no errors.  Call this young girl. 


044 322 1684739



I'm Jennifer, with a beautiful face and body.  I'm a hot one, pure fire and willing to do what you want.  I'm always available to you, casll me anytime. 


322 123 6539




I've got the best ass, and I'd love for you to have sex with it. 


044 322 13 45 7 15



Yesica and Friends


We're independent escorts, very beautiful, slim and all with nice bottoms.  Call us 24/7


chicasexi2525@hotmail.com     044 322 148 5727




If you want to be really relaxed, I'll do what you want to the maximum


044 322 13 45715


Sexi Young Girl


I've got a nice ass, and I'll come to your home or hotel. 


044 322 111 1755


Mandy - 23


Look at my photo, then call me. 


044 322 11 11 7 55



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