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Escort Services in Puerto Vallarta


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Very few of the independent prostitutes you find in ads are truly independent.  Almost all the online announcements are placed by agencies, which use "bait and switch" tactics.  There is one rip off agency called PV Escort.  They used to be run by an American named Chris.  Now it is run by some of the lowest class of Mexicans you can meet.  Avoid PV Escort if you can.  Note: As of September, 2016, the PV Escorts


Like Puerto Vallarta itself, there is a huge gulf between the locals and the tourists.  Locals have access to many hooker bars, street girls, and brothels which cater to locals.  The quality varies, but the prices are low....averaging $500 pesos for full service.  If you speak Spanish, we recommend tapping the local talent.  If you're a vacationing tourist, try the local agencies.  You can also have a great experience at the Antorchas brothel, on the main street just across from the ferry terminal.  They only charge $500 for some pretty fine looking girls.  Depending on the day and time, there can be 3 or 30 girls there. 



PV Playmates


The Puerto Vallarta Playmates website is written in English, and more than half their girls speak English.    The website does not list prices, but Melissa, the owner says prices run from $180 to $300 an hour.   They cater to a wealthier, upscale tourist.  Each girl has a photo page, but no photos.  They do offer to email more photos to serious clients, upon request.  The most beautiful girl listed on their "photos" page isn't available....that's Melissa! 




Puerto Vallarta Escorts


The Puerto Vallarta Escorts website is written in English.  They have 9 lovely escorts.  Prices range from $250 to $300 per hour.  The are associated with Pleasure Principle group in Cancun, one of the most respected escort agencies in the world.  They promise no upsell.  Their operators and most of their escorts speak English. 



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