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Playa del Carmen is the second worst strip club city in Mexico, right after Cancun.  The main difference is the intimidation outside the clubs.  Cancun has Mexican bullies who try to get you to pay "protection", while Playa del Carmen doesn't.  From there, it's the same story.  Keep your credit cards in your pocket, or better still in your room.  If you give a strip club waiter your credit card, count on receiving charges for drinks and services you did not order.  This is not a possibility.  This is a certainty. 


Believe it or not, it gets worse.  Drinks for you will be one price, but if you buy a dancer a drink prices will range from $15 to $200 USD.  That's not a misprint.  Strip clubs in PDC are not looking for repeat business.  They know they have one chance to rip you off, and everyone is in on the game.  Everyone wants a tip for the smallest service.  There are beautiful dancers.  Yes, they dance on stage, but the real action is in the private rooms.  The girls dance on stage.  You pick one to dance at your table or buy her an overpriced drink.  Unlike the rest of Mexico, there is a good chance she'll have a few words in English.  If the chemistry (quimica) is right, you'll be invited to a private room for sex.  (At least a blowjob, sometimes vaginal sex.)  If you're new to this, you need to negotiate the total price, the act and the time.  If you agree to $150 USD but you only have $200?  They'll try to keep it as a tip, or make your life miserable while you ask again and again for your money until you just give up. Again, ALWAYS convert your money to pesos.  Only the innocent go to Playa del Carmen strip clubs, and they only go once.  Most guys end up at the Pleasure Palace, an honest, upscale brothel.