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Massage Parlors in Playa del Carmen



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Like Cancun, Playa del Carmen enjoys a variety of massage parlors.  Many are located on 5th Avenue.  The place mentioned most often is Veronica's Spa on 5th.  (Not the newer one, but the location between 10th and 12th.) 


McInbrass reports "There are two places. One is called Spa-Ha. It is on 10th past Constituyentes towards the street that lead to Shangri-la. About 4 girls go in each shift Ages 19-23 some pretty too. 400 pesos to get in plus tip for the girl. There is a shower area and locker room. Pretty good place. The other is harder to find. It is on 30th behind  Fogon Taco shop and La Selva. Ring the yellow door. Prices start at $60 for 15 minutes. Girls rage from about 5 1/2 to 7 in looks. Good luck.


Taxi drivers all know what you want and where to find it.  Are you staying at a hotel?  If you are, find a young person who speaks English and tell him what you want.  Not all the massage parlors in Playa del Carmen have happy endings.  A tip of $50 pesos (about $4 USD) to the right person will give you the inside story on everything from restaurants to women. 


Don't forget to convert your dollars to pesos, and carry lots of small bills. Mexicans often don't have change, and expect you to let them keep the balance.  That sucks when your meal cost $235 pesos, for example and you've paid with a $500 peso note. 


NONE OF THE GIRLS ON THIS PAGE SPEAK ENGLISH - The ads are translated for your convenience





Kasandra - Tall, Dark and Busty


I'm Kasandra, a massage girl  from Guadalajara.  Let's be clear from the beginning.  I give a good massage, but it's foreplay.  We both know what you want, and it's not a massage and a handjob.   My measurements are 40D-28-42.  I'm built for any kind of sex you want, Russian in particular.  I am pretty good at a "no handed" massage, where I oil my breasts and rub them up and down your body.  What kind of sex do you want?   I'm open-minded.  Call and let's get specific.  I'm  easy to work with. 





Young Girl of 18  

Gives Full Service Sex Massage


Would you like me to start your massage with my clothes on or off?  Let me rub you with hot oil while your stress melts away.  When I start massaging your cock with my hands, I'll take you in my mouth and suck you unitl you cum on my breasts.  Let's continue with the massage, and see if I can get you hard again.  You can come twice for the same price.  I like 69.  Maybe the second time you'd like to have full service sex.  I'd like that.  I'm only 18.  I'm sure you will want to go at least twice.  Call anytime, day or night.  We can have our appointment in your motel, hotel or home.


9847 45 9219





My specialty is a hot oil massage for your entire body.  I use aromatic oils and rub you all over.  When all your muscles are relaxed, I'll make your love muscle tight and hard with my mouth.  Would you rather I use with my hand?  Or would you rather come inside me?  It's your choice.  My name is Barbara, and I'll come to you anywhere.  Call me 24 hours a day. 

9841 16 2378



Massage with full service happy ending.  Call me anytime, day or night. 

jennabeach2013@hotmail.com   984 129 52 27



Brenda - Full Service Happy Ending


My name is Brenda, and I'm a massage therapist in Playa del Carmen.  I will give you an excellent, relaxing massage.  For your happy ending, you can have a handjob, a blowjob or full service sex.  Everything covered.  Call me for an appointment or to find out more about my service.  I don't speak English. 


9841 56 1614