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If you're a Hobbyist familiar with Tijuana, Mexico City or other major mongering Mexican Cities, you still need to do a little research before a night of strip clubbing in Monterrey.  Compare it to Vegas.  If you're used to backwater burgs in Nevada, or even if you've been to Reno, you may still not be ready to be a high roller in Vegas.  It's the same in Monterrey.  When you go to Vegas, can you afford a Fantasy Suite at the Bellagio or Caesar's Palace?  Monterrey hosts international high rollers with corporate expense accounts.  At the top level strip clubs, you can drop an average guy's annual U.S. salary in a night.  We recommend doing a little research before choosing your Monterrey strip club destination.


There are 15 clubs listed on tuscl (the ultimate strip club list), but the local guys (Unspongebob, MonterreyGuy) help us narrow things down on the Monterry pages of cityxguide.  It's worth reading all 4 pages about Monterrey.  The best clubs are very expensive, more expensive than U.S. strip clubs....which is saying a lot.  How expensive?  "I have seen customers at Prestige and Obsession pay over $350,000 pesos (for ease of exchange rate, make it 35 grand)".  MonterreyGuy continues "I seldom if never, recommend the GT clubs or the 5 star clubs at all to any monger coming from the US."  By "GT", he's referring to Grand Tourism strip clubs like Amnesia and Premiere.  Next are the "5 Star" clubs like Obsession.  These are only very expensive, with luxurious VIP rooms starting at $4,500 and going up to $5,500 for one with a Jacuzzi.  This doesn't count the girl. The game in these clubs is drinks.  "This is one thing to remember, all GT and 5 star clubs, the girls are required to finish their drinks in the time lapse it takes for 2 songs to play.


So, are there "bargain" clubs in Monterrey?  UnSpongeBob writes about the strip club El Infinito. " If this is your first visit, you will kick yourself if you do not at least take a stroll through to check it out. Everyone has different tastes and comfort levels. So, that doesn't mean that you will particularly like it compared to some other bars that might offer a better comfort level. But, once you visit, I think you'll conclude that the numbers of HOT girls is unrivaled by the most expensive bars in Monterrey. The girl's all seem to charge about the same regardless of whether they're working in a low end or medium level bar, usually between about 700 pesos on the low end, and 2000 pesos on the high end. But, generally, in the low and medium level bars, you can find them for about 1000 to 1500 pesos, and they'll be pretty damned hot in that price range."  In most places in Mexico, taking every city we cover, that's still on the upper end.

Chuy agrees about El Infinito, and writes on the World Sex Guide "Infinito - is a great place to enjoy yourself. The women were hot and only a few chunky ones. Some were very exotic...the cost is pretty reseasonable around 40-70 dollars depending on time spent. the crowd is cool and everyone seems to be focused on girls...this place is mostly locals. Obsession - staff is rude and it is extremely overpriced, beware if you ask a cab to take you to a club, because you will wind up there. Refuse as it is a rip-0ff. We left after about 15 minutes and they literally chased us out to make sure we paid for drinks. We were going to pay at front but they insisted we should have paid waiter, beware at this club.


"UnSpongeBob also responds to a tourist who asks what strip clubs to visit if you don't speak Spanish.  "There are very few girls that speak English in Monterrey. You'll feel a bit of a disadvantage no matter where you go. Just ask if anyone speaks English, realizing that if you ask that question, you are also immediately wearing a sign on your forehead that says "Sucker." As long as you go in with that understanding, you can watch for little scams from some of the girls, some of the waiters, etc...No big deal, but anticipate it."   10 minutes with our vocabulary page should give you enough words to avoid the "Sucker" sign.  Just keep asking "cuanto es?", or How Much Is It?  


A word on bar fines.  A bar fine is what the club charges to take a girl out of the club.  Many clubs in Mexico have Privados, little private rooms where the girls take you for a fast blowjob.  Other clubs have hotels upstairs.  You choose the girl in a club environment, then take her upstairs to a brothel environment.  What UnSpongeBob is referring to is the third option, which is like picking up a girl at a bar and taking her to a hotel.   The bar fine is in addition to your bar bill, your hotel bill, and the cost of the girl.  UnSpongeBob writes "You may be able to negotiate with the girl for more time rather than a reduction of her fee, although I've done both. But, one thing is for sure...you will never negotiate the bars out of their bar fine. And watch them, they'll sometimes try to tack on an extra 50-100 pesos onto the bar fine, hoping you won't notice. I've had some waiters quote me different bar fine amounts one night to the next. Just remember, the medium level bars should not be over 850 pesos, and the low end bars should never exceed about 450 pesos at most. If the bar you're in wants to charge you more, you'll have to decide if your candidate for salida (literally "departure") is worth the extra pesos. There are times I've caved because the stars were all aligned, and to argue over 50-100 pesos was a waste of my time. You don't even want to know what they'll charge you to leave on salida from Amnesia or Poisson, $300-$500 per hour, and girls costing $2500-5000 pesos. The high end clubs charge USA rates, and so do the girls. You will have a heart attack...And, not only that, but the quality of selection with respect to attractiveness and service level will not exceed what you could just as easily find in the low end to medium level bars."