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There are two large escort services in Monterrey, with hourly prices ranging from a low of $1,600 to $3,500 pesos.  The standard time for a date is two hours.  All websites have photos which are professional quality, but not particularly revealing.  

We're not going to mention their contact information or endorse them, because of mixed reviews.  Both of these large services, Alicia Dolls House and Universitarias, have gotten bad reviews for bait and switch tactics, overcharging and poor service.  In other words, the girls in the photos will probably not be the girl who knocks on your door.  There are many independent escorts in Monterrey.  We recommend you avoid the escort services in Monterrey and go direct.




Don't Speak Spanish?

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Want to find a girl, but don't speak Spanish? No problem. Let us help. For $800 pesos we'll use our bilingual skills to call any escort you like. Pay at any Oxxo convenience store. We'll give you links to websites where independent hookers advertise in Spanish.  You only need to pick the girls you are attracted to from the pictures. We'll have dozens of girls for you to select from. "Spanish Only" Mexican prostitutes are usually much less expensive (and much sexier) than the bilingual girls. Usually your savings will be greater than our fee.  You don't have to speak Spanish to have amazing sex with a beautiful Mexican girl.  Click here if you would like more details.  We don't read minds.  Please tell us what city you are in when you contact us.


Street Hookers

UnSpongeBob (what a name!) writes about where to find street hookers in Monterrey on the CityXGuide.  "The girls that stand at the hotels on Pino Suarez and Reforma were always dogs. I used to like walking between Pino Suarez East to about Juarez on Reforma. There is a small hotel in there where the girls stood outside the hotel. They were the hottest. The other selections that are to the East on Reforma did not impress me. You can see them standing outside the hotel, and there are a few that stand on the West side of Pino Suarez. But, the "hotties" were always to the East of Pino Suarez on Reforma. "  Thanks Bob.  We soak up great information such as this like a ....well, a sponge Bob. 


Captain C writes on the World Sex Guide "Get a copy of El Sol newspaper. There are 100's of ads. Ask a Taxi driver. We rent taxi drivers for 8 hours for $40 some less. You can go and get some hot ass for 180 - 200 Pesos all day long. I met two girls that I gave them each 500 Pesos for an all nighter. Yes, two girls, $100 US Dollars for the entire night."


Dan D. Dick is an experienced monger who goes to Monterrey a lot.  His advice is bar girls. "The Maxxim bar adjacent to the Hotel Ancira (next to the Macroplaza on Hidalgo in the CBD) will often have a few girls that will go back to your room with you for about $80 US. You'll usually have to pay the bar as well. And here's the catch. The Crown Plaza security will rival the Kremlin. She ain't goin' in. The Hotel Ancira is more lax, especially if she goes up before 8 or 9 in the evening. I've heard the Sheraton is a little more lax yet. Also, there are usually a few fellows/pimps outside the Ancira (like Humberto) who can hook you up directly."  Usually, the girls know where to go.  You'll just be paying for two hotel rooms.  If it's like Mexico City, they'll have a few with cheap hourly rates. 



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