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Susy; Romantic Acompaņante in the DF




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Susy - GFE

Speaks Perfect English


Susy is a tall beauty who is both regal and sensual.  If you enjoy sex with elegant women, Susy is the perfect choice.  She is a companion of the highest level; intelligent, sensual, well-dressed and surprisingly kind.  You would be proud to be seen with her in public.  Her wardrobe is extensive, she conducts herself like a lady and speaks fluent English with a delightful Latin accent.  Her olive green eyes are captivating, and she enjoys flirtation.  She is tall (5'9" without heels) and built spectacularly (38-26-39.)  You'll enjoy visiting with her.  You'll also enjoy speculating on the erotic sex to come.  


Once alone with her, the atmosphere changes.  Your friend becomes your lover.  She enjoys showering your entire body with little kisses.  You don't have to warm her up.  Susy is a passionate lover who enjoys oral sex, vaginal sex and especially anal sex. ($1000 additional).   Susy smiles when we ask her about anal sex.  "Many mens say I am too much a lady, and they don't want to show me disrespect.  I am a lady in the street, but I like to be a whore in the bed.  I like the mens who take what they want, spread me and enjoy what they taking."  That sounds like Back Door permission! 


Enjoy her photos below, and imagine what it would be like to be alone with her. 


Susy speaks flawless English, but prefers to use our Translation Service to book her appointments. 





1 hour:     $3000 pesos

2 hours:   $5000 pesos

3 hours    $6500 pesos

4 hours    $8,000 pesos


Travel:  Add $200 taxi to all appointments, $500 to Santa Fe or the Airport


MatrixMan reviewed Susy in March, 2017  "Susy was a very lovely lady. A very good conversationalist and classy. I enjoyed our time together. And look forward to seeing her again".

Gangster Mike had this to say about Susy in August, 2015.  "she is cute and has the big butt that I like and saw on her photos.  The first time she was great!!   I never had a woman cum from anal sex before Suzy.  I took a shower after sex and she saw that I had another boner and she took an additional $50 dollars to help me take care of that (her idea).  So you can imagine i was spoiled rotten and thought she was the greatest thing since airplanes!  she speaks good English and it gets better the more you talk to her.  Overall Suzy is a really sexy woman especially naked.




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