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Shady; Bixexual Escort in Mexico City (Threesomes)

Sweet Kisses and a Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

Blowjobs Without Condom, Cum in her Mouth (BBBJ - CIM)

Enjoys Anal Sex in Her Big Ass (ANAL)


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Shady is a bisexual escort who does it all.  She's a sweet girl, full of laughter and fun, intelligent, curious, and a pleasure to spend time with outside the bedroom.  Take her dancing or to dinner at a nice Mexico City restaurant.  In the bedroom, she's a passionate lover without fear or inhibition.  She's romantic, and enjoys kissing.  She enjoys both giving and receiving oral sex, and she is happy if she can make you cum in her mouth.  Of course, she enjoys vaginal sex.  She's learning to enjoy anal sex as well.  (She prefers a small penis for anal, and will say "no thank you" if you're too large.) 


Shady is VERY bisexual, and can give equal pleasure to you and your girl, or she can bring one of her friend.  (See the photo above, or see an enlargement.) Where do you see yourself in this image?  Would your be having sex with her girlfriend while kissing Shady, or licking Shady's big breasts?  The possibilities are limitless.


Do you want what you can't get at home? Usually, gentlemen want to cum in the girl's mouth, have anal sex or a threesome.  Sometimes, all three!  With Shady, you can do it all.  She girlfriends who will do it all as well, but not each girl does each service....not like Shady!  Contact the translator for more information. 



If you don't speak Spanish, it will be easier for you (and her) to use email. 


+52 5523 363 231 cell and Whatsapp


Prices;  (If you insist on paying in pesos, use an exchange rate of 15:1. )

One hour      $200 USD

Two hours    $350 USD

Travel:  Add $200 for her taxi to all appointments, $500 to Santa Fe or the Airport

CIM             included

Anal             $50 USD additional (anal service depends on your size)

Trios            $400 USD one hour, both girls, total price

Trios            $700 USD two hours, both girls, total price

Couples       $250 USD one hour with you and your girl

Couples       $400 USD two hours with you and your girl



If you don't speak Spanish, it will be easier for you (and her) to use email. 


Shady will be using Google Translate.  The more questions you have, the harder it will be to communicate and the less likely you'll get the information you need.  MOST OF THE INFORMATION YOU NEED IS ON THIS PAGE.  Please don't ask for more photos of any kind.  Chances are, the more complicated your message, the less likely you'll even get a response.  Shady will need the following information.  Just cut-and-paste, and put your answers in your email to her.


1) The day you want your appointment.  (Dia de cita.)
2) The time you want your appointment to begin. 
Hora de cita.)
3) How many hours you would like to reserve. 
(Cuantas horas quieres?)
4) The name and address of your hotel 
(Nombre y direcion de hotel.)
5) Your room number 
(Numero de habitacion.)
6) The full, correct name you registered with the hotel. 
(Nombre de cliente.)  (Most hotels will stop her in the lobby.  If she knows your room number and your name, she will be allowed to pass.  Otherwise, she'll be treated like street trash until you come down and rescue her.  Not a great start to a romantic meeting.) 



+52 5523 363 231 cell and Whatsapp (Spanish only)


Super Mario sent us a description of his time with Shady "I had a blast last night with Shady. she is awesome girl. the moment she step into the room started showing her assets.  kissing like a girlfriend, very open minded and relaxed. she really enjoys what she does. then she used her lips on the effective way, if you know what I mean...and then we tried several positions, she knows how to ride...once the thing was over, after few minutes we did the second round by the hotel window on the dark with a view of Santa Fe form 36th floor. We did anal and she told me that she loved it, I believe she came twice.  I didn't know girls came with anal.  Definitively highly recommended. finally her ass is for the history books... "  Standing anal? On the balcony?  WOW!  Now we know why you are called 'Super' Mario.  Nice job!!!  By the way, Shady texted us in our office immediately afterward.  She was GLOWING, and said she came a lot more than twice!!



Shady Likes Anal.  Just $50 USD More


Threesomes With Shady

 Use one of Her Friends

Or with Your Girl


Shady is very bisexual.  If you and your lady are looking for another girl, or you want to meet Shady with one of her friends, you'll never get a hotter trio in Mexico City.  Threesome prices include both girls.  Couple prices are only man/woman...but Shady will consider two men or two women threesomes, for a different fee.


Trios        $400 USD one hour

Trios        $700 USD two hours

Couples   $250 USD one hour

Couples   $400 USD two hours


Shady does lesbian show with another Mexico City escort



If you don't speak Spanish, it will be easier for you (and her) to use email. 


+52 5523 363 231 cell and Whatsapp



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