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Liv: Full Figure and Full Menu DF Escort

Anal Sex; Blowjobs Without Condom To Completion in Her Mouth

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Promotion with Liv - Dinner and Sex

4 Hours, $500 USD


She's elegant.  She's funny.  She's intelligent.  She's stylish.  If you have to make a decision of whether you're going to take her to dinner or have sex, of course you're going to take her to bed.  But why choose?  You'll be proud to be seen with this amazing beauty.  Take her to dinner, get to know her, then take her to your room.  Some girls are like facial tissue; you use them, then toss them.  Other women are like good wine, and are meant to be savored.  Liv is one of those women.  She tells amazing stories.  She is also a good listener.  Enjoy a meal and get comfortable, knowing very soon you'll be removing that designer dress and enjoying this sultry beauty in her mouth, her pussy or her ass.  Liv is a lady in public, and your naughty whore in your bed.  Why choose one version, when you can have both?  2 hours for dinner, 2 hours for sex.  $500 USD or $8,000 pesos.  With this package everything sexual is included; kisses, natural oral to termination in her pretty mouth, and anal sex.  It will be an evening you'll never forget. 




Liv has hired a translation service to set her appointments


Check out Liv's Hot Videos

 Video #1     Video #2     Video #3

See Liv's Anal Invitation Video


Liv loves sex, and enjoys pleasing you any way you want.  She loves to kiss, and will bring you to heights of passion with just her lips and tongue.  You'll be in heaven when her kisses travel south, and she sucks you without a condom.  Want to cum in her mouth?  Go ahead.  It's included in the base price.  Of course, she loves vaginal sex and will probably achieve real orgasms.  Feeling naughty, and want to try anal?  Liv loves a man deep inside her, and isn't particular which cavity you want to explore.  Why not take two hours and take your time?  Explore Liv's full menu and enjoy every part of her willing body. 


Some girls offer anal sex on their menu, but when you meet them they don't really want to do it.  We asked her if she enjoyed anal sex or simply tolerated it?  In response, she sent us her Anal Invitation Video.....along with some pretty graphic Spanish indicating her enthusiasm for a penis in her anal cavity with lots of lube. 


Christopher Columbus planted his flag on (and inside) Liv, and had this to say.  "Liv was great.  A little airbrushed in photos, but a fun time nevertheless."  Girls get more date with professional photos.  The photographers must be either gay or have nerves of steel, because the girls pay them as much as $10,000 pesos for their photos.  (If you and I were photographers, we'd be broke, right?)  Point is, Liv looks exactly like her photos, except for flawless, perfect skin.  70 years of Playboy Playmates should teach us good rules.  You don't enlarge the breasts or ass (where Liv needs no help), but it's fair to use filters, adjust color balance and lighting and airbrush the skin.   


Liv speaks some English, but she's hired a translation service to help make her dates.  You won't speak with Liv until she knocks on your hotel room door, when all the boring business/appointment details have been resolved in English.    



One hour      $200 USD

Two hours    $350 USD

Travel:  Add $200 for her taxi to all appointments, $500 to Santa Fe or the Airport

CIM             included

Anal             $50 USD additional See Liv's Anal Invitation Video

Trios            $420 USD one hour, both girls, total price

Trios            $760 USD two hours, both girls, total price

Couples       $250 USD one hour with you and your girl

Couples       $400 USD two hours with you and your girl



Liv has hired a translation service to set her appointments




El Norte John had a two hour appointment with Liv on Feb 12, 2017 and had this to say about her. "Liv was fantastic! Liv showed up at my room looking better than her photos. She was dressed in a very sexy black mini-dress and greeted me with a big smile and an incredibly passionate kiss. Wow, can she kiss!! Lots of deep passionate kissing, then the clothes came off. She has a great body, curvy, toned, and tight. Her breasts are large and responsive! She loved having them sucked and played with. More kissing, lots of fondling, and then she put her great dick-sucking lips to work! She did that for a while, we switched to 69, and I erupted in her eager mouth. We rested a bit, but not too long. She started playing with me, lots more kissing, a bit more sucking, then I flipped her on her back. Down I went and down I stayed! She was delicious and was very responsive and we played that way for a long time. After a while she had me rest. Then intercourse in various positions for quite a while. She has a nice, tight pussy and it was a great place to play! Then she spun around and finished me with her incredible oral skills. We chatted a bit -- her English is better than I expected -- and then started round 3. She gave it a good effort, lots of looking me in the eyes and taking me deep, but I was spent after 2 great orgasms. I didn't try anal -- her oral and vaginal skills kept me well occupied! I HIGHLY recommend Liv!!!" What El Norte didn't say was that he's hung like a horse.  While Liv loves men of all sizes, she's not afraid of a well-hung guy.  When I asked Liv about El Norte, she sent 10 Whatsapp messages talking about what a great time they had, how romantic he is, what a wonderful and considerate lover he is.  Then I asked if anything could have been improved.  She admitted she was a little disappointed he didn't put his huge dick in her ass.  She cannot wait for El Norte to return to Mexico City.  






Liv likes anal sex

Only $50 USD more

See Liv's Anal Invitation Video




Liv has hired a translation service to set her appointments


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