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Kamilah; High Level Escort in Mexico City

Speaks English


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Camilla spells her name Kamilah, and this Mexican flower is one of our most highly recommended escorts in the DF.  She speaks English, and gives an amazing GFE experience.  Whether you are looking for a fast hour of pleasure or would like her to accompany you for a week, Kamilah can provide both sensual services and companionship.  Her wardrobe includes expensive sports clothing, lingerie, evening wear and beach attire.  You'll always be proud to have Kamilah at your side. 


In bed, Kamilah is a dynamo.  She can be romantic, and enjoys kissing.  She can be your naughty girlfriend, and enjoys giving oral pleasure to completion.  (Subject to hygiene, of course.)  If you like sex in combination, so does Kamilah.  She is bisexual and LOVES attending couples.  In fact, Kamilah enjoys group sex in almost any combination.  This makes her an ideal date for swing club parties, bachelor parties...any kind of party. 



Prices all prices in U.S. dollars


All prices include GFE and BBBJ-CIM!  (Depending on hygiene.)  For other prices, contact Kamilah.


1 hour   =  $200
4 hours  = $450

8 hours =  $800

Trios     = $350 one hour, just Kamilah.  Kamilah does both FMF and MFM trios.  Her girlfriends may cost less or more.

By quotation - Kamilah enjoys group sex in almost any combination.  She has girlfriends for trios.

By quotation - Kamilah would love to travel with you.

By quotation - Kamilah enjoys roleplay.  Make your fantasies a reality!  She has costumes.  Just ask!

By quotation - Bachelor parties, swing club dates, bring it on!  If you need more girls, Kamilah has lots of girlfriends.

By quotation - Do you have something kinky in mind?  Kamilah's only restriction is that she doesn't do anal.  All other requests are welcome.

No Anal     - Not for any price.  However, she has girlfriends who love anal sex.  Consider a threesome.


+52 7221 834 493 Whatsapp   inmobiliariapatron@hotmail.com


Kamilah speaks basic English.  You need to speak slowly if you need to call by phone.  If you don't speak Spanish, use Whatsapp or email her.  She will use Google Translate.  She needs 6 pieces of information.  Cut-and-paste the following into an email.  ANSWER the questions, then email it to Kamilah.  She gets her email on her phone, so she will answer rapidly.  We've translated the questions, so she will understand everything.

  1. Day you want your appointment.  (Dia de cita.)

  2. Time you want your appointment. (Hora de cita.)

  3. How many hours do you want? (Cuantos horas quieres?)

  4. Name and address of your hotel.  Don't say "Marriott".  There are many hotels with the same name in Mexico City.  (Nombre de hotele.)

  5. Room number.  (Numero de habitacion.)

  6. Your registered name.  Full name*, as you are registered with the hotel. (Nombre de cliente.)

* You may not believe it, but all hotels have lobby security.  She will be allowed to pass ONLY if she knows both your room number and the name you are registered with.  She won't be allowed to pass with a nickname, or even your real first name.  FULL NAME, PLEASE, AS REGISTERED WITH THE HOTEL. The pissant security drones humiliate the girls publicly.  When they finally call your room to straighten out the situation, Kamilah will NOT be in a great mood.  She needs your help with this.   




+52 7221 834 493 Whatsapp   inmobiliariapatron@hotmail.com