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Helen: Mexico City Escort Does Everything

GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Anal, Threesomes


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Call for an appointment at 5519 289 325  

Whatsapp and Text Messages welcome, same number


Helen is perfect from every angle.  She has great hair, beautiful eyes, blowjob lips, big tits, slender waist, long legs and a huge ass.  And yes....she does anal.  In fact, she invites to view her Anal Invitation Video.  She's a fun person and a great kisser.  Helen is the ultimate GFE provider, and for guys looking for romance and a girlfriend experience she will make love with you.  She's also capable of being very naughty.  You want her to tease you before she pleases you?  Watch her play with herself, touching her body everywhere.  How naughty do you want to get?  Helen will suck you with pleasure until you explode in her mouth.  Rest, and then decide if you want vaginal sex or anal.  Helen loves both.  


Helen is bisexual, and loves to entertain couples.  Likewise, she has girlfriends for threesomes.  One of her favorite lovers is Giovanna, but there are others.



One hour      $250 USD

Two hours    $450 USD

Travel:  Add $200 for her taxi to all appointments, $500 to Santa Fe or the Airport

CIM             included

Anal             $60 USD additional See Helen's Anal Invitation Video

Trios            Call for prices

Couples       Call for prices

Call for an appointment at 5519 289 325  

Whatsapp and Text Messages welcome, same number



Check out Helen's Hot Videos

 Video #1     Video #2     Video #3

See Helen's Anal Invitation Video



El Norte John had a two hour appointment with Helen on Feb 12, 2017 and had this to say about her. "Helen was fantastic! Helen showed up at my room looking better than her photos. She was dressed in a very sexy black mini-dress and greeted me with a big smile and an incredibly passionate kiss. Wow, can she kiss!! Lots of deep passionate kissing, then the clothes came off. She has a great body, curvy, toned, and tight. Her breasts are large and responsive! She loved having them sucked and played with. More kissing, lots of fondling, and then she put her great dick-sucking lips to work! She did that for a while, we switched to 69, and I erupted in her eager mouth. We rested a bit, but not too long. She started playing with me, lots more kissing, a bit more sucking, then I flipped her on her back. Down I went and down I stayed! She was delicious and was very responsive and we played that way for a long time. After a while she had me rest. Then intercourse in various positions for quite a while. She has a nice, tight pussy and it was a great place to play! Then she spun around and finished me with her incredible oral skills. We chatted a bit -- her English is better than I expected -- and then started round 3. She gave it a good effort, lots of looking me in the eyes and taking me deep, but I was spent after 2 great orgasms. I didn't try anal -- her oral and vaginal skills kept me well occupied! I HIGHLY recommend Helen!!!" What El Norte didn't say was that he's hung like a horse.  While Helen loves men of all sizes, she's not afraid of a well-hung guy.  When I asked Helen about El Norte, she sent 10 Whatsapp messages talking about what a great time they had, how romantic he is, what a wonderful and considerate lover he is.  Then I asked if anything could have been improved.  She admitted she was a little disappointed he didn't put his huge dick in her ass.  She cannot wait for El Norte to return to Mexico City.  



Helen likes anal sex

Only $50 USD more


If you enjoy anal sex, or simply want to try it, you cannot find a better partner than Helen.  With her ass, she's been getting requests (and satisfying them) since she was 16.  Now, she hopes to have anal on every appointment.  If you haven't seen it, have a look at her Anal Invitation VideoSome girls say they do anal to get the appointment, but don't put out.  Helen enjoys it.  Whether you're hung like a Japanese (known for small penis size) or a pornstar, you're going to have a great time.  Helen doesn't say "no" because of size, or any other excuse.  Bluntly put, she likes a dick in her ass.  A lot.  And she's built for it. 



See Helen's Anal Invitation Video



Call for an appointment at 5519 289 325  

Whatsapp and Text Messages welcome, same number



Do you like a Good Blowjob?  Helen is THE BEST


Helen takes pride in her oral abilities, and she wants you to cum in her mouth so much it's included at no extra charge.  Look at those lips.  You'll want to kiss her first, but Helen wants to show you her oral skills.  Maybe you plan on returning to the DF again and again.  But if this is your only chance, take more than one hour.  Helen wants you to cum in her mouth first, then she wants to be penetrated.  Most men who think they want one orgasm are surprised to find they want three.  Helen invites you to ride her into a trifecta; mouth, pussy and ass.



Threesomes with Helen and Giovanna

Limited time special; one hour, $400 USD for both


These two like each other.  Helen and Giovanna like to kiss, give each other oral sex, and then draw you into their fantasy world.  Can you handle it?  Most girls charge extra for threesomes.  Helen and Giovanna only charge their normal rates for each, and they will honor the one hour special for $200 each.  Giovanna (shown below) likes to kiss and give oral stimulation (no condom necessary).  Like Helen, Giovanna really enjoys anal sex (extra fee). 



Call for an appointment at 5519 289 325  

Whatsapp and Text Messages welcome, same number



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