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Cristal: Oral Sex Queen of Mexico City

Now Offers Black Kiss (Analingus)

Limited Time Offer: Free Half Hour with any Reservation


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The Best "Cum in Mouth" Blowjobs in Mexico City

Also Gives Black Kiss (Probing tongue in your ass)


I 'm Cristal. I'm educated, discrete and a lady in public. In private, I want you to kiss me. It makes my lips tingle, and I will want to suck you. I'll get on my knees... Want me to take my time and tease the tip? Do you enjoy eating pussy? Mine is shaved and smooth, like a young girls. Let me give you the best oral sex you've ever had, and discover why I'm called the oral sex queen of Mexico City. Receive an extra half hour if you book at least a day in advance.   Prices are $120 USD for one hour, $210 USD for two hours.  I enjoy sex and hope you do, too.  That's why I allow MSOG.  (You can cum as many times as you like within the time you reserve.  This is where my oral skills help us so much.) 


I provide service to Men Only, unless we know each other.  Then, I will consider a threesome with a friend of mine.  I am curious about my bisexual side, and look forward to experimentation.


Cristal provides an exciting experience.  Men leave satisfied, and return again and again.  Read her reviews, and understand why she is one of the most sought after escorts in Mexico City.   


$120 USD one hour, $210 USD two hours.  BBBJ, CIM, COB, GFE, RIMMING included. 


Cristal speaks fluent English

5528 63 9427     cristal_3.1416@yahoo.com


Limited Time Offer: Free Half Hour with any Reservation






John (what a name for a client!) became a BIG Cristal fan after meeting her. "Once I had got in touch with Cristal (and, interestingly, of the 6 girls I emailed from the site she was the only one to even reply), arrangements were pretty quick. Apart from having to scoop her up from the hotel lobby from under the watchful eyes of a security man (coming direct to your room is a "no no" here, apparently), the whole thing worked perfectly. Once in the room it was like we were a couple of teens on a first date. WOW! TOTAL GFE. Kisses like an Angel and has the smile to match. Totally recommend her. Soft breasts, a great shaved pussy and a mouth that works absolute magic. Loves to both give and receive oral sex and genuinely seems to enjoy it either way. A great bedroom companion, but also the kind of girl you could take out to dinner afterwards, she is charming company, speaks perfect English and I will definitely be calling her again! She was gentle, caring, and could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose! After lengthy oral sex both ways we finally got down to it in the bathroom - lots of mirrors in there - and I had a very pleasurable time fucking her from behind. Afterwards, there was none of this jump up, pants on and straight out the door that you usually get, we spent quite a long time just lying on the bed making out. Other nice touches: she put the money straight in her bag without counting it first (nice to be trusted) and I'd stuck an extra $200 in on top of her fee to cover cab fares. Later in the evening when she discovered this she took the trouble to SMS me to say thank you! Tits, ass and belly are all in good proportion. I will definitely be seeing her again." 


Pornstar Paul, a businessman visiting Mexico City, sees Cristal frequently.  "Cristal is a really nice person, I saw her about a year ago initially, and we had a good connection she was giving me spanish lessons in between blow jobs which was great, ".  Cristal says Spanish lessons are included at no extra charge. 


An Italian traveling in Mexico City sent in a review of Cristal, " I was very new to hiring escorts, first the website is extremely accurate and truthful. The picture and what appeared at my door was very accurate, the price she quoted was what I paid as was the full service menu Cristal provided. I contacted her  (cristal.3.1416@yahoo.com) not knowing what to expect, she's a very beautiful, Intelligent and skilled professional a true escort.
Although I am quite a bit older than 25 she made me feel young and alive, a true gift to have. I spent the next few hours and enjoyed every minute, conversation, and sex were awesome and left me quite satisfied. The next time I was in Mexico City, I called Cristal again and again I was not disappointed. I have plans to come back to Mexico city in the very near future and my plans are to call her again..


The Rose Man also had what sounds like a very romantic and sensual experience with Cristal.  "I'll start by saying that Crystal is a beautiful girl. I saw her last Saturday afternoon. She arrived on time for the appointment. She came dressed in skin tight pants that left nothing to the imagination. She also wore an amazing transparent blouse transparent. She gave me a mega kiss, as if we had years of not seeing each other. My hands ran down her back slowly and caressed her nice buttocks that impressed me with their luscious curves. My hands climbed to her blouse. I stuck them under and felt her skin, which is very soft and delicate. Her scent was delicious. Without realizing it, her hands moved under my pants and started stroking my friend very gently. We were making out for a while until the clothing hindered us. Garments began falling. We kissed and fondled, until I reached her pussy, soft and small. I touched her tenderly at first. Gradually, her legs opened wide and let my tongue play without any problems on her delicate vulva. I felt her lips on my erect member, as I kissed her wet and delicious pussy. She made small moans that slipped out of his throat. She gave me such oral I had to apply myself to not end. I had to ask her to stop. I climbed on and went inside her. It was wonderful to see her delicious breasts move up and down, as his hips did the same. She had a steady pace and a sexy way of moving. We changed positions a few times, always moving her hips deliciously until I could not take more. I came hard. I do not know if she did too, but I'm sure she enjoyed it. We rested and talked, until the towel fell and I saw those delicious Bubies. I could only stoop to kiss her again and then we started with another delicious round. These were two hours of intense pleasure and happiness for me. Of course I will repeat."



Cristal speaks fluent English

5528 63 9427     cristal_3.1416@yahoo.com


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