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Roleplay in Mexico City


She can be such a little girl.  She looks so fresh and new, you almost don't want to spoil her.  For 21 year old Cony, these are the moments she lives for.  She wants you to touch.  Those innocent eyes won't flinch when you undress her.  When she starts sucking you, she loves to alternate with her lollypop.  Cony loves to play the little girl, and it's her most requested role.  However, she has other costumes, and other roles to play.  Call Cony at  5527 12 86 26 or danalmb7@hotmail.com.  She speaks a little English.  Share the fantasy role you want Cony to play, or enjoy her as herself.



1 hour     $2000 pesos

2 hours   $3000 pesos




Enjoy Cony simply as a smoking hot young hooker


One role Connie plays isn't a role.  She just likes sex, and likes being treated like an escort.  Cony has a bubbly personality that gets things started easily.   No role playing necessary.  All women like mirrors, but Cony particularly enjoys dressing up and being undressed.   She likes to ride and be ridden, and especially likes it hard from behind.  She's perfect for the "take charge" guy, but is sensitive enough to help the shy guys as well.  She's young and very tight.  Also popular.  Don't wait until the last minute, or you'll be disappointed. 


 55 271286 26  danalmb7@hotmail.com


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