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Carla18 - 19 Year Old Inexpensive Beginner

GFE, BBBJ-CIM,  Lesbian Shows and Threesomes

Low Prices, Big Menu, Excellent Service


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Carla18 is now 19, and she's been a very naughty girl.  She has enjoyed giving oral sex without a condom since she was a young teen.  Now that she's legal, she's gotten even better.  She's so good, in fact, many guys cum in her mouth over and over.  "They won't give me normal sex," she pouts, "they just keep cumming in my mouth.  I want vaginal sex, too." 


We hope you can tell from these photos just how beautiful and horny this girl is.  She likes her body, and she likes to use it.  She's got enthusiasm.  It's a great time to make Carla's acquaintance.


She doesn't speak English, so she uses a translation service to make her appointments.  Call now, before the the prices go up.




Prices:  Carla wants sex.  She doesn't enjoy one hour appointments, and does not offer them.  This girl wants you to take her again and again.  A two hour appointment is the minimum she will take, because the guys who take two hours give it to her at least twice.  Better is an all night appointment, where you can enjoy lots of kissing, touching and oral stimulation.  She's 18, and horny as hell.  This can't last forever.  Take advantage now. 


2 hours:   $2500 pesos

4 hours    $4000 pesos

All night   $7000 pesos (10PM to 6AM)



Limited time offer:  All night (10PM to 6AM) only $5000 pesos


Want a Threesome?  Try her Threesome Special; $10,000 Pesos Complete

Two Girls, All Night (10PM to 6AM) Total Price For Both Girls

Includes Lesbian Show, GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Both Girls (Anal Extra)


The Blowjob Princess of Mexico City

She'll Keep You Cumming



A little secret of the trade.  When girls run ads which include a service at no additional charge, that means they enjoy doing it.  Carla 18 loves giving oral sex, and unlike most girls who don't like guys to cum in their mouths, she wants you to finish there. Carla18 loves seducing guys with her oral skill.  Whether she's standing, sitting or on her hands and knees, sooner or later she's going to get your dick in her mouth and your seed down her throat.  She's not doing it just because you paid her.  Her enthusiasm and pleasure are very real. 


Then why doesn't she have a 30 minute "blow and go" price?  She wants orgasms, too.  She wants sex, sex and more sex.  She cums easy. Many Mexican girls limit you to one orgasm during a one hour appointment.  Carla is the opposite.  She wants you to cum a lot.  If you need some encouragement after Round 1, she will use those amazing oral skills to get you ready for Round 2.....and 3 and 4.   Don't say "I can't".  Keep an open mind.  With her pretty, hungry mouth, you'll be able to do accomplish more than you thought was possible.  It's nice to be with a girl who isn't faking it.  Carla18 really wants to be your lover. 






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