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LaTraveler writes with authority about Mexico City strip clubs.  In an excellent forum post, LaTraveler says "Excess and Dow Jones, (which is across the street) are still open. I call these gringo clubs, which are expensive and with lots of rules. North of Tlalnepantla on Gustavo Baz, there are three strip clubs all close together. One is called Carosel and most taxis know this one. Carosel is usually full of gorditas but it has a 5 minute private for 300 pesos. Trebal is just south and it has decent looking girls and it has two songs for 200. The place in between has one song per 100. All of these places have no rules but YM will V. I have gotten super BBBJ in these places for a 200 peso tip and even have has ATM more than once. Drinks are cheap 30-40 and no cover and they are open during the day. These are not true strip clubs because the girls only strip once per hour and the rest is couple dancing. I am an Anglo looking person who speaks some Spanish and I do not go alone during night. I take a taxi driver with me and buy him drinks. I have not seen hardly any gringos in these places but I have gone often and had NO problems or even any bad eyes. I would never go into the city and get ripped off when I can go here and take any girl to my hotel for 600!!!


Henry VI writes on the CityXGuide "Exxess is still open, but it is too far from downtown. A better option, distance wise, and with comparable talent is Envidia in San Angel.


If you're interested, these guys are talking about the burbs around Mexico City.  San Angel is an area in Mexico City , but SW of downtown. (Henry VI recommends the Envidia strip club there) The maps at the left might help you orient yourself.  It's about 16 km and a half hour drive from Mexico City to Tlalnepantla (pronounced TallAll-nah-PANT-la.)   If you want a specific map going from one address in Mexico City to another address in Tlalnepantha, use Google maps.  The cities are already filled in.  All you need to do is fill in the street addresses.  Of course, it works in reverse as well.


No wonder it's so popular to hire girls off the street in Mexico City.  The most convenient are the downtown girls. It's faster to get an escort off the street, there are 100's to select from and the prices are reasonable.  (Starting at $150 pesos + $60 for the room.) Plus, the Red Zones have so much business, there are decent hotels the girls can safely take you to.   From the forum reports, it sounds like the strip clubs can be difficult to get to.  Mexico City is a BIG place.  It's not like some walled-in Boys Town along la frontiera border with the U.S.  Still, there's nothing exactly like the excitement of a privado with your favorite dancer, with both of you knowing that there's not much time for foreplay.  


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