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Whether your puta comes from the street or a service, the goal is the same.  You can get a girl off the streets for $500, including hotel.  Whether you call them street walkers (SW), hookers, putas, prostitutes, or working girls, there are a lot of them and they're not hard to find.  Young and old, male or female or....confused (transvestites), they are in several well-defined areas around town.  Ask a taxi driver or your hotel staff where to go.  They may be within walking distance.  You find your girl on the street, negotiate, and walk with her to one of the inexpensive hourly hotels nearby.  It may be new to you, but this is a system that dates back to the 16th century in Mexico City. 

One independent escort in Mexico City, Cristal,  was kind enough to write a few words of caution about the DF streetwalkers;   I think your web is good, but you mention Tlalpan, Merced, Centro e Insurgentes. I think that´s not so good.
Tlalpan: You can go driving your car (day or night), and you´ll see many pretty girls on the street. The problem here is... the most of them are male or travesties not women.
Merced/Centro: All these girls are in a very dangerous place, full of sellers on the street, thieves and people who uses drugs. In less words its not a very friendly neighborhood. You can find a very young, pretty girl and a fat, old ugly woman. The prices there are very cheap from $100 mxn.
Insurgentes: Insurgentes is the largest avenue in Mexico City, 20 years ago there were scorts in the south part of insurgentes (one of the nicer places in this city) Now there´s scorts at Insurgentes and Sullivan (in the middle), its like Tlalpan, but smaller.
I think there are good reasons why many people prefer to call a scort and meet her in a very safe and clean hotel.

Priamos describes an experience in one of several Red Zone areas on CityXGuide in a great forum posting. I recommend that fellow mongers visit the Merced street action if not for other reasons then purely for laughs. Within one block west of the market (and Metro station) there is the most incredible street action I've ever seen. Up and down the (nothern pavement of) the main San Pablo street stands dozens of young women trying to catch your eye. They are totally accepted by the local merchants. Many of them actually linger in the entrances of shops so that, at first, I thought they were sales assistants. My advice would be not simply to walk through (like one would in Europe) but to stand still for a few minutes here and there. Many girls ignore walking men, but consider lingering men as potential clients.  The asking price is 150 pesos, but be sure that you'll have to pay more. The action is in a nearby hotel in colonial style with internal (covered) patio. - It's surprisingly clean under the circumstances, to tell you the truth. Be prepared to pay 60 pesos for the room - AND you need to show a valid identity piece to get in. My technique to get a half-way decent service (and, dear Mexican friends, I KNOW that I'm probably ruining the market...) is to forestall renegotiations by the girl. She's not even going to undress for 150 pesos, merely lift her skirt, etc. etc. To get around that I enter the room and throw 500 pesos on the bed: "Here, Cara. I pay three times the price. Now, I want "desnudo", caresses, kisses (make kissing sounds) and time (point to the watch). It worked. I went with two good-looking girls in their 20s and they both kept to the agreement. - they were naked and willing to put up with any kind of kiss and caress that I demanded. A Mexican guy could no doubt have got the same service for 250-300, but... I'm European and look it. "   You da man, Priamos.  Take charge!  Here's a guy with nothing but confidence and less than $80 USD.  He picks up TWO girls without a word in Spanish, pays a low price and gets GFE from two beautiful young chicas.  Hats off to you, bro.  Nicely done.  Also, thanks for the info on location, price and the little tidbit about ID. 

Gordita Lover gives some good geographical info on Mexico City escorts " On my taxi ride in, I noticed all the SWs on San Pablo east of Pino Suarez. San Pablo ends at Merced. I walked it this afternoon (afternoon, knowing that evening in that area near Merced is scary as all hell). I got off the metro at Pino Suarez and then walked along Izazaga east until it turned into San Pablo at about Medico Militar. It's a pretty short walk. About the time it turns into San Pablo, girls start showing up along the north side of the street in front of the shops. They're dressed ultra-sexy, like the hookers you see in the movies. I walked the whole length to Merced, then walked north and south on Circunvalacion (east side of the street) to see the talent there as well. I returned to San Pablo, where some of the women were amazingly hot, true 9s, perhaps better. Especially good were the young ones, hot little things with really pretty faces. I was actually amazed that there were girls that hot. " Gordita Lover goes on tell about how he picked up some fat chick "150 pesos for oral, 200 pesos for sexo, and 250 pesos for desnuda. Half and half would have been more. The room was 60 pesos. And they required ID."


There are more escorts in Mexico City than anywhere else in the country, with the possible exception of Tijuana. Anyone know which city in Mexico has the most escorts?  Got more information or a personal experience to share?  Contact us and share!



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