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Michelle Secrets - GFE, BBBJ, Anal

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes' Service to Men, Women and Couples

Independent Escort and Speaks English

Visiting Mexico City to May 7 & 8, then Puebla May 9, 10 and 11

Michelle is a naturally sexual being, and built for sex with her hourglass body.  She's open to whatever you want.  She can be a romantic lover, with playful, passionate kisses.   She can be an oral artist, taking you to heights you've never known.  Michelle can also be your anal princess.  Normal sex?  She can be gentle, sensual, athletic or nasty.  And Michelle loves the ladies, and does a lesbian show with enthusiasm.  See her VIP page for more photos and details. 


9841 68 1215 or email her at


Mexico City is the largest and most cosmopolitan of all the cities in the county.  There are approximately 9,000,000 people living in the municipality.  There is a lot of opportunity for an independent escort.  These high level hookers come from all over the world.  The city is even larger when you consider adjacent communities like Naucalpan, Ecatepec, Nezahualcóyotl and Tlalnepantla that still feel like a part of  The City.  Mexico City was founded in 1325.  The legend says a wandering tribe saw an eagle on a nopal cactus with a serpent in its beak, and took it as a sign to settle there.  (The eagle and serpent are on all the coins.) These were the Aztecs.  In 1520, about 500 scroungy Spanish conquistadors led by Herman Cortes were welcomed into the city by the confused natives.  They thought these white men might be Gods.  (Modern day escorts don't think white men are Gods, but they know in general white guys have more money, which is almost the same thing.  Plus, they love tall men with blue and green eyes.)  At the time, Mexico City was 4 times the size of London.  While they lacked numbers, the Spanish had a brutal single mindedness.  They captured the native Mexican leader, Montezuma, sent for reinforcements and conquered the country.  They didn't learn their lesson.  To this day, the darker Mexican people still consider white people to be exotically beautiful.  Throughout Mexico you'll see average-looking, older Gringo guys with beautiful Mexican women (not all escorts) 20 and 30 years younger. 


Today, Mexico City is still a magnificent, awe inspiring place.  It's a modern city proud of its ancient heritage.  While there is plenty of tourism, it's not the primary industry.  Mexico City produces one fifth (21%) of the entire nation's wealth.  Most of the manufacturing has moved to the border towns, while most important corporate headquarters are located here.  The top 25% of households earn around $100,000.  This is expected to double by 2025. To their credit, the government has tried hard to get rid of the slums for 30 years.  However, the culture of poverty, of "haves" and "have nots" still exists.  Like it or not, when you have a huge, wealthy population merging with some of the poorest people in Latin America, you get hookers.  Lots and lots of hookers.  The best rise to the status of escorts.  They are called "damas de noche", "escoltas" and "mujeres de la vida galante".  The streetwalkers are refered to as putas. 


Escorts in Mexico City don't just work in agencies.  There work as independent escorts, as well as in strip clubs, brothels and massage parlors, but the most famous action in Mexico City itself is from chicas who walk the streets.  Mexico City has strip clubs, but some posts say the best strip clubs are not downtown.  If you want to go with the flow, and pick the best looking girl for the cheapest price with the easiest transaction, you want a street escort.  One piece of common advice experienced Mexico City mongers give to new guys is about pricing.  YMMV, but it's common for a "pay for play" girl you meet in any venue (SW, masajistas, escort, strip club)  to quote a low price.  Often, this price is for the one act she prefers,  like a CBJ or sex "en perrita" or doggystyle.  Don't be surprised if there are more menu items than Denny's Restaurant.   "Desnuda" (naked)?  Extra. Kisses?  Extra.  BBBJ?  Extra, if it's available at all.  Most chicas, regardless of the level in Mexico,  want you to wear a condom before they even touch you.   Most experienced mongers know EXACTLY what they're in the mood for.  That's why the independent escort ads are so good.  The chicas often list their menus in the ad.  


Many guys like negotiating.  For those of you who do, ask specifically what it will cost to get exactly what you want.   First, you have to find out what she's willing to do.  For those of us who want to move quickly from business to pleasure, a useful question is "Cuanto cuesto por de toda incluido?" (How much for "all inclusive"?)  Pay a little more and maybe you'll get the experience of a lifetime.


There is a news video on Mexico red light districts.  It's so serious, it's funny.  Shot mainly on the streets of Mexico City, it gives you a brief look at typical city streets with typical prostitutes.  Were we supposed to feel bad?  Most guys will be thinking "Hmmmm.....she's not bad.  Wonder what she'd charge for an hour?"


There is a huge swinging community.  If you're a swinging couple and planning to come to Mexico City, take Spanish lessons.  At the very least, visit our vocabulary page.  Whatever your level of trading is back home, you will score better couples and singles here.  If one of you is a blue-eyed blonde with fair skin, you'll be in higher demand than ever before.  Mexican women are very tolerant of a few wrinkles, and love a real gentleman.  Tough guys in Mexico have a short life expectancy.  Mexican men fuck, they don't make love.  A man who injects a little courtesy and romance in the exchange will go far. 


In Mexico City, you'll find everything you could possibly want sexually. Around 1910, 12% of the women were registered sex workers.  While the government tries to regulate sex mainly for public health reasons, estimates are that half the prostitutes aren't regulated.  The safe ones are chicas from high end escort agencies, or the successful independents.  Street hookers add a level of danger.  Disease is common on the streets.  Your life may depend on common sense safe sex.    There are four areas most active for street prostitutes (streetwalkers, or SW) in Mexico City.

  • La Merced

  • Calzada de Tlalpan

  • Insurgentes Avenue

  • Centro Histórico

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