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English and Spanish Speaking Acompaņantes in the DF



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Competition is fierce in the DF. You will find that the prices are high in Mexico City, but the quality of the professional escorts is exceptional. These pages contain the cream of prostitutes in Mexico City. Most girls here are artists in their professions. There is no comparison to the putas found on the street in the city center red zones. Check out the photos compared to the border city prostitutes. Their hair, makeup and clothes (when they're not completely naked), suggest a higher level. The DF is where the major companies have a presence in Mexico, if not in their principal office. Executive visitors and vendors staying in a quality hotel can afford the cream of the escorts....pardon the pun. This does not mean that these ladies are not whores in bed.   They can get nasty. Almost every girl on this page offers either GFE, threesomes, anal, BBBJ, BBBJ-CIM or 69 ..... and often all .... for the same price. When you are an acompaņante (Spanish for "professional companion")  in one of the major cities in the world, you have to be at your best and offer more services to make a living. One thing that almost all the escorts on this page have in common is that they speak English. 


Victoria - GFE, BBBJ-CIM (included)

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes With Her Girlfriends


Victoria is one of those rare women who is gorgeous and yet completely natural and friendly.  If you want her to be dominant, bitchy or sleazy, she can be what you want her to be.  But her favorite dates are romantic, with lots of kissing.  Victoria enjoys giving oral sex without a condom.  Don't be embarrassed if you cum in her mouth.  She likes it so much, it's included at no extra charge.  She also has friends for threesomes.  Victoria does not do anal, but her friends do.  For more information about threesomes and group sex, plus pricing and more hot photos, visit Victoria's VIP page 


+5537 088 025 Whatsapp     vickysalgado13@gmail.com


Kamilah - GFE, BBBJ-CIM (included)

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes Service to Men, Women and Couples

Available for Travel; Speaks English


Camilla uses the Mexican spelling of Kamilah.  However you spell her name, she is a luxury VIP escort in Mexico City with a full menu of services. (No anal.)  She provides a true GFE service and enjoys kissing.  Prices start at $200 USD per hour, which includes BBBJ-CIM. If you are a couple, Kamilah would love to have a trio with you.  She also likes two men at once, and group sex in general.  Kamilah speaks English, and would love to travel with you.  See her VIP page for more prices, photos and details. 


+52 7221 834 493 Whatsapp      inmobiliariapatron@hotmail.com


Michelle Secrets - GFE, BBBJ, Anal

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes.  Service to Men, Women and Couples

Independent Escort and Speaks English


Michelle is a naturally sexual being, and built for sex with her hourglass body.  She's open to whatever you want.  She can be a romantic lover, with playful, passionate kisses.   She can be an oral artist, taking you to heights you've never known.  Michelle can also be your anal princess.  Normal sex?  She can be gentle, sensual, athletic or nasty.  And Michelle loves the ladies, and does a lesbian show with enthusiasm.  See her VIP page for more photos and details. 


555-406-09-58 or email her at limara.spa@gmail.com

Helen  - Bisexual Escort Does Everything

Threesomes (Your Girl or Her Friend)

Sweet Kisses, Cum-In-Mouth Blowjobs, Anal Sex


Helen surprises many guys.  With her perfect body, many guys fear she'll be stuck up.  It's just the opposite. Helen is fun, friendly, romantic and enjoys kissing with tongue.  She can make sweet love.  She can also be naughty, even nasty if that's what you want.  It's your fantasy she wants to satisfy.  Want a blowjob like a pornstar?  Cum in her mouth or on her big tits.  She likes oral sex and cum in her mouth so much, it's included.   Whether you want vaginal or anal sex, Helen enjoys all shapes and sizes and never says "no".  See Helen's Anal Invitation VideoWant to see more photos and prices?  Visit Helen's VIP page.  $250 USD one hour, $450 USD for 2 hours. 


5519 289 325      Whatsapp and text messages welcome; Same number

Nancy  - GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Anal,

Lowest Priced Threesomes in Mexico City


Nancy likes meeting men for intimate dates, but she loves threesomes with her friends Karolina and Naomi.  Nancy will kiss with tongue, suck without a condom and have both vaginal or anal sex.  ($1000 pesos additional.)   Nancy alone charges $1900 for one hour, $3000 for two hours.  For more photos of Nancy, plus her threesome friends Karolina and Naomi, see Nancy's VIP page. There you will see more details of your threesome options, prices and photos of the other 2 chicas. A one hour trio with her friends costs just $4000 pesos, both girls!  


+ 521 5520 452 945 Whatsapp

Santa - Threesome Queen of Mexico City

Full Menu; GFE, BBBJ-CIM, COF, COB, Anal,

Bisexual; Lesbian Shows and Threesomes with Miriam

Fetish Friendly, Roleplay and Fantasy


Santa is a tall and slender model/escort, and free with her sexuality.  She rarely says "no", and her high spirits are contagious.  Tell her what you want when you meet her.   For more photos, details, information and pricing, visit her VIP page.  Speaks excellent English.  $2000 one hour, $2500 one hour with anal.  Threesome prices start at $5000, total cost, two girls.


5560 856 090 or 5543 62 2823

Krystal - GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Anal Sex, Trios With Her Girlfriend or Yours

Bisexual; Lesbian Shows and Threesomes

Speaks English


You have to see the other photos of Krystal on her VIP page!  Wow!  She's slender, petite and stacked, one of the rarest body types and in high demand.  Krystal is not some stuck up princess or a crude street whore.  She's thoughtful and wants to make a personal connection with you.  Krystal believes good chemistry makes good sex.  She is also a YMMV girl.  She doesn't do BBBJ-CIM with every guy.  Anal is reserved for guys she likes who are not too big, and VERY clean.  For a guy who is clean, polite, fun and respectful, Krystal will provide a girlfriend experience that will become your Gold Standard.  Her specialty is threesomes with her girlfriend Jessica.


 +52 5538 520 278    Whatsapp is best

Jossy - Best Reviewed Escort in Mexico City

Speaks Excellent English


Jossy is one of the top escorts in Mexico, not just Mexico City.  Here's a sample review.  "As usual with first time encounters, I was not sure whether I had made the right decision or not, until I saw this petite, black-haired latina with a big smile and a body to die for looking at me.  Jossy is the real GFE.  Smart, classy educated..."  Jossy has a professional website with some hot photos.  Two are at the left.  For more photos, prices and information about Jossy, visit her VIP page.


         044 5534 75 7497   jossymexico@gmail.com

Mayleen - One Hour $2000 Speaks English

Full Menu; GFE, BBBJ,  Anal,

Bisexual; Lesbian Shows and Threesomes


Mayleen enjoys kissing, it turns her on.  Kiss her, then let her make you hard with oral sex (without a condom if you prefer), then enter her wherever you like.  Anal is $500 additional, and she likes it.  Her favorite is when you go deep and slow.  Ask her about trios, either with her girlfriend or yours. Mayleen speaks English.  You can phone her, or use email for better communication. For more photos of her hot, sexy body, see her VIP page.


 +52 5546 816 851 Whatsapp     mayleen.jim@hotmail.com

Pornstar Frida  - GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Speaks English

A True Pornstar Experience


Have you seen her videos?  Frida is a little spinner, a tiny girl with an insatiable appetite.  We asked her if she did oral sex to completion.   She replied "Do you mean....can you cum in my mouth?  I LOVE it."  If you've seen her XXX videos, you know it's true.  Frida is sensual, romantic, positive and enthusiastic.  You'll feel it in her kisses, her natural oral skills, and the way she makes love.  Every session is a Pornstar Experience.  If you've wanted to be the guy in her x-rated movies, here's your opportunity.  See her VIP page for more photos, links to her x-rated videos, her menu of sexual services and her contact information.   

 5549 949 565   or     fridasante@gmail.com

Cony - GFE

Speaks a little English


Cony is 21.  She knows guys like her because she looks young, and would be delighted to help you with that fantasy.  She'll do massage, a lingerie show, or you can go directly to what you really want.  Cony hopes you'll want to keep her for up to 8 hours, but understands if your time is limited.  $2000, one hour, $3000 two hours.  See her VIP page for more photos and information. 


5527 12 8626   danalmb7@hotmail.com


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