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Quick.  Which is biggest?  Merida or Cancun?  Most people would say Cancun, (who's heard of Merida?) but with nearly a population of nearly 1,000,000 vs. 600,000, Merida is clearly bigger than Cancun.   Does this sound like a magnet town for escorts, strippers, street walking prostitutes and hookers?  Regretfully, the population does not tell the story.  Cancun is where you'll find the girls.   If you want a memorable escort experience or a happy ending massage, keep driving to Cancun.  Below are some of the Cancun escorts waiting for you in Cancun.  Many guys land in Cancun, hire hookers there, then take day trips to the interior. Don't blame us if you don't have the energy to climb the stairs at Chichen Itza.


Julieta - GFE, BBBJ, Speaks English Fluently

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes and Lesbian Shows with Men and Couples


There are degrees of bisexuality.  Julieta loves giving and receiving oral love with a woman as much as she does with a man, and that's saying a lot.  She loves giving a man oral pleasure so much, she prefers that a condom doesn't get in the way.  If communication is important to you, Julieta speaks perfect English.  Whether you want Julieta alone, with her girlfriend or yours, you won't find better oral service in Cancun. 


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283
Local Cancun:  892-0283
From USA:  1-888-266-6952


Gala - Big Breasted Beach Girl


Gala's favorite fantasy is for a gentleman to treat her to dinner, then after dark take her to the beach for sex along the waters edge.  Gala is an incurable romantic with a hunger to try new things.  She enjoys all personalities, but has a special place in her heart (and another place, further South, that's warm and moist) for men who like adventure and new experiences.


Live Chat with Gala

Katya - Innocent and Barely Legal

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes and Lesbian Shows with Men and Couples


Many men demand to see her ID.  (She's 21.) It's not that Katya doesn't have the body of a woman.  It's that she projects the innocence of a child.  Even when she is on her knees, looking up, giving you pleasure, her face is that of a child, sucking on something sweet.  How can a girl so sweet and innocent be so bisexual.  Watching Katya devour another girl is a guilty pleasure that you'll want to experience, especially with the threesome sex that follows.  Visit her VIP page for more photos and information.  Available in both Cancun and Playa del Carmen


Live Chat with Katya

Pamela - GFE, Perfect Tiny Body


Check out that body!  Pamela is the most beautiful gym rat you'll ever meet.  She keeps her body perfect, hoping you'll want to have sex with her.  She's a slender, tiny girl with beautiful, full breasts that seem to jump off her chest.  We don't know what exercises she uses to make her butt cheeks (called "pompis" in Spanish), but whatever she's doing, her lovers are appreciate her effort.  She's the perfect combination of tits and ass, and totally into men, and only men.  She'll make you grateful you were born male.  Want to see more photos of Pamela?  Check out her VIP page.  


Live Chat With Pamela  


Salome - Your Fantasy Girl


Salome is one of the most educated escorts you will ever meet.  She is widely ready, and is conversant on a wide variety of topics.  Like many well-educated girls, she enjoys fantasy and role play.  Who do you want her to be?  An innocent schoolgirl?  A naughty nurse?  A secretary about to be fired, begging for her job?  She'll even do light S&M.  If you want a beautiful girl with a mind as well as a body, Salome would be an excellent choice.

Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283
Local Cancun:  892-0283
From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Sharon - 19 and New


There's a little of the "dirty old man" in all of us, and Sharon brings it out.  She has the body of a woman, but the attitude and personality of a child.  She's new to escorting, and hasn't had much sex in her life.  If you enjoy "breaking them in" or would like to try a young woman who is still learning about sex, Sharon would love to be an eager student if you'll play the role of experienced teacher.


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283
Local Cancun:  892-0283
From USA:  1-888-266-6952