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 If you're looking for an escort in Merida, you're in the wrong place.  A guy who calls himself Perry Mason #1 lays down the law about escorts in Merida on a City X Guide forum report that is at least 5 years old.  "Merida doesn't have much of a pay for play scene.  There used to be three escort-massage agencies which sent you a nice gal for $300 USD an hour or 400 for two hours, but they seem to have closed.  I have yet to find any street walkers here. There are very few other Gringo mongers there as the majority of tourists are of the backpacker grunge vintage."  Case closed.  


Chances are, you did not come to Merida looking for girls.  Most travelers are in Central Yucatan for the sights, and wait until they get to Cancun to enjoy meeting high quality Latina escorts.  The girls listed below are all Cancun prostitutes.  Call them from Merida and reserve your time when you get to Cancun.


Jessy - 38DD and loves your orgasm on her breasts

Bisexual; Lesbian Shows, Threesomes and Swinger Dates

Loves Travel to Cancun and Playa del Carmen


Jessy is a rare find, like a California Beach Bunny dropped into this city in the Yucatan Jungle.  She spends half her time in Merida, half the time traveling.  She's in demand as a swing club date because she loves group sex, particularly lesbian sex with another couple.  Jessy is also unusual in that she's loves giving blowjobs, but insists on the safety of a condom.  She's happy to remove the cover so you can cum on her big breasts.  Jessy has a willing mouth, wide hips and a huge ass.  $1800 for 1.5 hours.  Available for travel to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  See her VIP page for more photos, prices and information.


2721 827 701     lizzy1@live.com.mx

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Sharon - 19 and New


There's a little of the "dirty old man" in all of us, and Sharon brings it out.  She has the body of a woman, but the attitude and personality of a child.  She's new to escorting, and hasn't had much sex in her life.  If you enjoy "breaking them in" or would like to try a young woman who is still learning about sex, Sharon would love to be an eager student if you'll play the role of experienced teacher. Live chat with Sharon.


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Pamela - GFE, Perfect Tiny Body


Check out that body!  Pamela is the most beautiful gym rat you'll ever meet.  She keeps her body perfect, hoping you'll want to have sex with her.  She's a slender, tiny girl with beautiful, full breasts that seem to jump off her chest.  We don't know what exercises she uses to make her butt cheeks (called "pompis" in Spanish), but whatever she's doing, her lovers are appreciate her effort.  She's the perfect combination of tits and ass, and totally into men, and only men.  She'll make you grateful you were born male.  Want to see more photos of Pamela?  Check out her VIP page.   Live Chat With Pamela  


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952


Salome - Your Fantasy Girl


Salome is one of the most educated escorts you will ever meet.  She is widely ready, and is conversant on a wide variety of topics.  Like many well-educated girls, she enjoys fantasy and role play.  Who do you want her to be?  An innocent schoolgirl?  A naughty nurse?  A secretary about to be fired, begging for her job?  She'll even do light S&M.  If you want a beautiful girl with a mind as well as a body, Salome would be an excellent choice.  Live chat with Salome.

Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Angie - GFE

Service to Men and Couples


Angie doesn't sleep much. While other escorts want the party to end, Angie is ready for more.  If you want an escort who can go all night, Angie is ready and able.  Angie likes sex with both men and couples, and wants to be the third girl in your fantasy trio. Couples especially keep Angie all night for their complete and total satisfaction.  See Angie's VIP page for more photos and details. 


Contact Angie, Chat live about an Appointment

Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Andrea - GFE

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes

Service to Men and Couples


Andrea is a slender little spinner.  (She loves to be on top, and can change directions without losing contact.)  She is 5'4" tall,  measures a delightful 34B-21-34 and weighs only 114 pounds.  Andrea loves the money, but loves the sex even more.  She loves to party.  Keep her all night and you won't be disappointed.  See Andrea's VIP page for more photos and details. Live Chat with Andrea


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Kendra - Anal Princess of the Mayan Riviera


Why does such an elegant and otherwise wholesome girl like Kendra enjoy anal sex so much.  "It feels good", she laughs.  "I was blessed with a nice ass, and I love it when a man knows how to enjoy it."  As you'd expect from a free spirit, Kendra is bisexual.  Her favorite dates are with couples, when the man gives her the anal sex she wants while she pays special attention to the lady.  Click here for more naughty photos.  If you have specific ideas of what you'd like to do with her, send a detailed email.


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952



Connecting With An Escort By Phone, Even If You Don't Speak Spanish


Note:  Almost all the girls operate from cell phones.  This link is to excellent instructions on how to place calls to Mexican phone numbers.  Usually, you just dial 044 first then her 10 digit number.  That's if you are already in Mexico, and the girl is local.  If the number is still a cell phone but it's a number from a different city, you dial 045 first.  (If all the ad numbers begin with "664", and her number starts "322", you can figure she's visiting.)  There are other numbers you have to dial first if you're calling from the United States, calling land lines within Mexico, etc.  Just click the link above.  It's just a few extra numbers, and the calls won't cost you much.  These women cost a fraction of what a comparable would cost in the U.S.  If you don't speak Spanish, offer someone who speaks Spanish and English $50 pesos (about $4) to help you make the call.  It's worth it. 



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