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Mazatlan is the least expensive of all the resort cities in Mexico.  The women are beautiful, the beaches are gorgeous and the hotels and restaurants are cheap.  You can get a hooker in a casa de cita (whore house) for as little as $300 pesos.  (About $25 USD.)  But why settle for hamburger when steak is so cheap?  You can easily drink all night, have a great time and get a blowjob inside a strip club for $150 USD.  Below are the three strip clubs in Mazatlan.  Take a taxi.  Any driver will know where these clubs are located. 


All the girls at all three clubs are hookers.  Their goal is to get you in a private room and get paid for a blowjob.  Many of these girls only "dance" for a short time so they can pay tuition, get the down payment for a car, or support the family while their novio (boyfriend) is out of work.  Some are even married.  For that reason, your camera will be taken from you at the door and returned to you when you leave.  (In other words, don't bring your camera.)  Your cell phone will be taken from you as well if you try to take pictures with it.  You can find a couple grainy, hard-to-watch cell phone videos on YouTube if you want to get a feel for what it's like. 


All three clubs are open from around 9PM (you'll be alone in the club except for the waiters and 1 or 2 girls), get started around 10PM and close around 4AM.  Like some strip clubs in the U.S., it's perfectly ordinary to bring a date, especially if she's bi or bi-curious.  Many of the dancers swing both ways, and are happy to bump and grind against another woman.  Nothing gets the crowd excited like a totally naked dancer locked in a passionate kiss with a well-dressed tourist lady. 

Don't forget to tip the girls and waiters who please you.  The tourist trade is down, and all of them are struggling. $100 pesos is $7 or $8 to you.  Many waiters don't make that much salary for an entire 8 hour shift.  The girls at HipoCampo and Tarrandas average about $20 USD a night.  Treat them good, and you'll be amazed at what can happen. 


Big A reported on February 14, 2015 " The prices at the brothel and strip clubs haven’t changed.".  Thanks for the report, Big A.



HipoCampo HipoCampo, or The Seahorse, is located in Centro, about 20 minutes from the main tourist zone.  Any taxi driver can deliver you.   The cover is 30 pesos.   This is where the Mexicans go.  If you're a pink faced tourist in shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and a camera around your neck, don't expect the same welcome you'll receive in the Zona Dorado.  The girls range from 5 to 8 on a 10 scale, and range in age from 17 to 25.  They often don't know a word of English.  The drinks are cheap for a strip club, 25 pesos for a beer.  (About $2.)  Things get started around 9PM, when individual girls begin to dance.  Around 10PM, all the girls come on stage.  They are waiting for you to call them to your table for a dance.  The price is $60 pesos.  There are no rules.  The girls expect you to touch their tits and ass, and they grind against your cock like a pornographic prom date.   They're trying to get you horny so you'll take them into a private room.  It's foreplay.  They will run their hands outside your clothes to get you hard, but touching your privates with the skin of their hands is forbidden. The cost for a private room is $500 pesos.  It's usually blowjobs only.  If your dancer isn't enthused, it won't get better in a private room.  The dances are cheap.  Get several, from several different girls and pick the one who turns you on the most for 10 minutes in paradise. 



Tarrandas  Tarrandas is exactly like HipoCampo in the quality of the girls, the prices and format.  They are even a 10 minute walk from one another, but don't think about it.  They are both in bad neighborhoods to be in at night.  You are relatively safe arriving and leaving in taxis, and there is always a crowd of drivers waiting for your business.  A word about "privados" or "privates".  This is the goal of all the girls.  For $500 pesos, you will get three songs, both here and at HipoCampo.  If you're not finished, too bad.  You can either pay for another few minutes or leave unsatisfied.  Experienced hobbyists use the table dances like foreplay.  Why be in a hurry?  The table dances and drinks are cheap, (both $60 pesos, around $5) and unless you have someone waiting at the hotel, it's better to make the evening last.  If the dancer you want is occupied, tell a waiter.  They are helpful in bringing girls to your table.  If she's busy with another patron, she'll be yours after she is done.  Sometimes the girls fall for another guy and want to be with him all night.  (It might happen to you, if you can afford to keep buying drinks and dances.  The best looking girls often want romance with foreigners, so trust your instincts and enjoy your opportunities if they present themselves.)  If this dancer you want is going to be a long time with another man, the waiter will come back and help you pick another girl.   There are usually at least 20 to choose from.



La Botana  La Botana ("the snack" in Spanish) is the Mercedes Benz of Mazatlan strip clubs.  Are you willing to pay for the best?  The location is a little safer.  The clientele has a slightly better class of people, and includes more Americans and Canadians.  It's on the main street, right in the middle of the Malecon, just minutes from all the hotels.  The club is only a little nicer than Tarrandas and HipoCampo.   The dancers are all 7's to 10's, on average slightly better looking than Tarrandas or HipoCampo.  The best looking girls at the more affordable clubs are prettier than the "plainest" girls at La Botana.  The cover is $200 pesos.  Drinks are more expensive.  Dances are $200 pesos.  A private room is $3,500 pesos.  The girls are much more predatory here.  They are the Rock Stars of Mazatlan's night life.  Everyone either wants a tip, to sell you a drink or a dance, constantly.  However, if money is no object and you don't mind a little sales pressure, this is the place you want to be.  You can easily drink all night, have several table dances and have a quick blowjob in a booth at HipoCampo or Tarrandas for as little as $2,000 pesos.  ($150 USD.)  At La Botana, for the same experience, you'll probably pay closer to $8,000.  ($650 USD).