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Mazatlan means "place of the deer", but a better name would be "place of the pulmonia".  Most of the taxis are unique, Volkswagen powered, open air vehicles that are distinctly Mazatleca.  They've even erected a statue in its honor.  Mazatlan's colorful history include a U.S. invasion (before the Civil War), a naval attack by the French, an aerial bombing run (barrels of nails and dynamite) during the Mexican revolution and now drug violence as the Zetas, Chapos and Beltran Leyeva gangsters occasionally duke it out on the streets with assault rifles.  Tourism and fishing are the only sources of income.  Sports fishing is spectacular for marlin, dorado, tuna and the occasional swordfish.  (Fishing for brothels and strip clubs is pretty spectacular, too.)  The beautiful beaches bring visiting surfers as well as normal tourists, though the city is protected from the biggest swells by the Baja Peninsula.  The population is around 400,000, except during the months of August and September.   The city was built on a swamp, and during the rainy season in late summer the humidity becomes unbearable.  Anyone who can gets out of the city.  Visitors and locals merge late afternoons and early evenings on the Malecon, a wide expansive sidewalk that runs for miles along spectacular beaches.  Sunsets are amazing.  The drug violence has prompted the cruise lines to stop visiting. Hotels and wonderful seafood restaurants sit empty along sandy beaches, except for Mexicans visiting from the interior.  It's hard times in Mazatlan, which is great for visiting mongers looking for escorts.  


The women of Mazatlan are, in a word, gorgeous.  Take on stroll along the world famous Malecon, the miles long beachfront sidewalk the width of an average city street.  You'll see long legged young beauties in 4-inch heels, tight skirts and showing plenty of tit out for a walk with their husband and children.  The town oozes sex.  The girls physically become women at 14. When Catholic school lets out, the young girls walking home in their short plaid skirts are a pornographic fantasy.  They are all hot-blooded, and many become pregnant at 15 and 16.  If they stay off the frijoles, they remain stunningly beautiful into their 50's.  Mazatlan is the largest city in Sinaloa, one of the most violent drug states of Mexico.  A lot of the young men have been killed.  Bad for them, good for you.  The economy sucks, and eligible men are hard to come by.  Many stunning young girls put themselves through school by pleasing "rich" gringos (Americans) and Canadians.   It doesn't take much money.  A young woman you'd pay $1,000 USD for in the states (an 8, 9 or a 10 on a scale of 10) can be yours for $1,500 pesos for two hours, or about $120 USD.  Except for a privado in La Botana strip club, $1,500 is the top price.  There are many more differences you'll like.  One is that many girls don't know they are hookers.  They want a romance and passion out of any sexual encounter.  They might only do it for money once a month.  Bringing flowers or a small gift will rock their world.  (Mazatlan has inexpensive handmade silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings.) Another difference is that the normal time is often two hours, far longer than the States or other cities in Mexico.   Another cultural difference is that "white is beautiful" in Mexico.  Because light skin is rare, an average guy is considered "guapo" (handsome). The final difference is that it's common for older men to be with younger women.  If your girl acts like you are the best sex she's ever had, she's probably not acting.  If you're a mature white man with good manners, a strong sexual appetite and a little bit of money, don't be surprised if she wants to keep you!


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