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Especially in the Golden Zone (Zona Dorado) there are massage parlors on almost every block, and in almost every hotel.  Many of the hair salons have a room or two in the back with massage tables.  None of these consistently offer a "happy ending".  Some girls will give you a hand job or a blowjob (puneta or chupa, in Spanish) for extra, but unlike Cancun, Cabo and Cozumel, the girl will be concerned about getting caught by management!  If you're going for a massage anyway, you might get lucky.  If you're looking for a sure thing, visit the strip clubs, or brothels (casa de citas).  


For a massage parlor in Mazatlan, try Aroma (details below) or Mayan Massage.  Rumors are the right girls at the right time offer happy endings. 


Sizzler writes about his massage experience.  " On Monday afternoon I bought a massage at the El Cid country club. Mainly because I was sore from golfing. I didn't expect anything there and got a decent massage for $60 US. However following golf the next day I ventured down to the Mayan Massage. A vtery attractive girl which fit my vision of a senorita took me to a table. $15 US for a really good therapeutic massage. I was semi aroused at the flip, however I made no proposal for a big tip for extras. None was offered either. I didn't want to find myself in trouble for solicitation in Mexico. Perhaps if I had just left 200 pesos on the table when getting ready w/ nothing said may of worked. I'll never know. But what I will say, is that the $15 massage only at the Mayan was far better than the $60 massage at the El Cid Country Club. "  No need to wonder.  If she didn't flirt with you, she wasn't looking for a "happy ending".  However, if you're unsure, casually stroke the inside of her thigh above the knee.  She'll move your hand.....either off her leg or up to where it's warm and moist.  Don't EVER worry about being busted for solicitation.  Tourists are in short supply, and you have to hurt somebody before the police will get involved.  The massage girls never object if you gently try for a Happy Ending. 





 I'm Rubi, and I love giving massages.  The trouble is, my hands wander.  Sometimes I end up with a cock in my mouth before we even finish the massage.  For a bad massage and an outstanding blowjob, call me.  I like Full Service, too. 


66 94 46 4403



Kenia - Transvestite


I'm a tranny massage girl, and want to put my hands all over you.  I give a good massage.  I give a better blowjob.  My happy ending includes anal sex.  Call me. 


6691 45 6057


This is a report on the Aroma Massage and Spa, written by Roman from Montana -Aroma spa which is a legit spa that does great massages for about 17Us for an hour. Once I was in the room I gave the girl a $20 and asked for a real good massage and as soon as I lay down on the table she ground her crotch into my hand and the party started. They just have sheets over the doors so you can't get full service but I got a great hand job for the 20. The next day I went back and got oral for 60 from the same girl she was 18 and very cute she also gave an amazing massage. So I have to say over all I never felt unsafe in any area and for the money spent about 60-80 each time (total of 6 times over a few days) it was great. I speak no Spanish and had no problem. Just be sure you get a driver that speaks some English and as always never get into the cab without agreeing on the price. I never had a driver try to increase the price quoted at the beginning. As I mentioned all the working girls are between 18-23 and very clean and cute.