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Yavira is a Mexican princess.  She's sensual, young (she'll be 18 in April,2018) and tall (5'7"). Very tall.  She'll be 5'11" when she arrives in high heels.  She only weights 51 kilos, about 115 pounds.   She's affectionate (she loves missionary because she enjoys kissing while you are inside her), horny and somewhat inexperienced.  She's never had a man cum in her mouth, never done anal sex.  Mexican guys just climb on, do their business and climb off.  She'd like to learn more about oral and anal sex, but needs a patient teacher.  What she does know how to do is fuck.  You know she's not faking her pleasure.  She moans.  She begs you when she's close to go faster, so she can orgasm.  This little nympho has lots of orgasms. 


Her services are strictly YMMV.  Yavira doesn't have a boyfriend, and she adores NorteAmericanos.  If you brush your teeth before she arrives, shower with soap (especially in your private parts), wear your best clean clothes and splash on some cologne, you'll likely get her full menu.    


Prices:  All prices are in pesosDue to a rash of counterfeit U.S. dollars being passed in Manzanillo, Yavira no longer accepts anything except Mexican pesos. 


One hour          $1500 + taxi  Includes GFE

Two hours        $2500 + taxi  Includes GFE, MSOG (Multiple Shots on Goal; you can cum more than once.)

Four hours       $4500 + taxi   Includes GFE, MSOG

BBBJ               $  500 additional

Anal sex           $1,500 additional  Take her anal virginity


Why not take four hours?  The told cost is only $4500 plus taxi, which is about $280 dollars.  (Yavira doesn't accept dollars.  Avoid delays and disappointments.  Change your money before you request your date.)  Yavira is disappointed with just one orgasm.  She will touch you, kiss you, encourage you after the first time.  She's a horny little bitch and wants as much sex as you can give her. 


Two hints for a better experience:  Yavira has discovered the joys of vibrators, but she doesn't own one.  If you bring a vibrator (the most slender possible, she's VERY tight) she'll do her own foreplay.  Second hint is that Yavira drinks red wine.  If you have a bottle ready, it will help.  She has only sold herself a few times, and will likely be nervous.  A glass or two of courage will help her you immensely.  Remember, she's very young.  Be patient. 


Yavira does not speak any English.  She uses a translation service to make her appointments.  If you want the process to go faster, have the following information ready

  • day and time you want your appointment.  (Yavira needs a minimum of 6 hours advance notice. A full day is better.)

  • amount of hours you want

  • your hotel name and address

  • your room number

  • the name you are registered under.  (This is necessary if your hotel has a lobby she must pass through.  She will be stopped and questioned by hotel security.  If she knows your full name and room number, they know she's expected.  Mexican hotels don't mind escorts pleasing their guests.  What they won't tolerate is hookers trolling for clients.) 




Want to take Yavira's anal virginity?  It's $1500 Pesos Additional




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