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You've got the port, you've got a small town and you've got a retired community of expatriates.  Manzanillo is not a swingers destination. 


If your wife is bi and open to threesomes, take her to one of the strip clubs.  It's very common for gentlemen to bring ladies to the clubs.  Ask the waiter to bring a bisexual dancer.  (Don't forget to tip.  $20 pesos is fine.)  There's nothing hotter than a woman grinding on another woman with a table dance.  Take them both into a private room.  (Be prepared to pay double.)  Buy your bi hooker a drink.  If she's interested, you can meet up with her after the club closes. 


If you're a swinging couple looking for a girl, try Samantha.  She loves group sex, and enjoys giving and receiving oral sex from men and women.


Samantha - Loves Group Sex

Full Menu; GFE, BBBJ-CIM,  Anal,

Bisexual; Lesbian Shows and Threesomes


Samantha loves group sex, particularly threesomes.  If you and your lady want a threesome, Samantha would love to service both your girl and you.  She's orally inclined.  Let her suck you off into her mouth, or fuck her in the ass while Samantha gives oral pleasure to your girl.  The possibilites are endless.  See her VIP page for more photos, prices and information.  Samantha doesn't speak English, so your email will go to her translation service.