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Why does a town of just 150,000 people have so many strip clubs?  There are two answers.  The first is the tourists.  The second is the port.  Manzanillo is an unspoiled tourist destination, without the annoying OPCs. (Aggressive street hustlers working for time share hotels, a nuisance in other beach resorts like Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta).   The tourists enjoy the beaches, the fishing and the strip clubs located on the main street.  Tourists arrive by car, cruise ship or air.  The port brings in merchant seaman from all over the world.  Manzanillo transfers more cargo than any other port in Mexico.  The sailors bring a sexual appetite and spending cash.


The best strip club in Manzanillo is Las Caguamas.  If you can't pronounce it, you probably should not go.  But if you speak a little Spanish, or are with a group of guys, you might have an amazing experience. 


The most popular strip club in Manzanillo  is Miami Beach, conveniently located on the main drag two blocks from Walmart.  It's not cheap.  While there is no cover charge and beer is just $35 pesos (about $2.50), the drinks for the girls are $300 pesos and buys you about 10 minutes.  Privados (a 10 minute private dance in a private room) start at $300 pesos.  For that your girl will grind on you and let you touch her anywhere.  You can get a blowjob or even full sex, but that costs more.  You negotiate with your dancer/hooker for specific prices.  Don't expect to have an orgasm for less than $1000 pesos.  Miami Beach is the flagship club because they have more girls, better looking girls, and prices are about the same as other clubs. 


Taxi drivers all recommend Miami Beach for tourists for one more reason.  It's safer, and a few of the waiters and dancer/prostitutes know a little English.  Other clubs in town are for more adventurous and experienced strip club visitors.  You'll be the only English speaking people in these clubs.  The further you get from the beach, the more dangerous it gets.  Some clubs are gang and cartel hangouts.  You'll be fine if you have a group of guys and no one gets aggressive.  A lone tourist with new shorts, pale white skin, Hawaiian shirt, a Nikon around his neck and a Rolex on his wrist getting drunk, talking too loud in English and flashing lots of cash is begging to get rolled outside the Club. 


Another club is El Caporal, 1 mile south.  The best club for Mexicans, because it has the most girls is Cayguamos.  It's in Barrio 1, which has no street lights and few paved roads.  You'd better be in a group, or know both a few words in Spanish and a whole lot about the culture or you're asking for trouble.  The girls will manipulate you, the waiters will overcharge you, and the other patrons may take you outside and find out what you're made of.  No one will help you or come to your aid.  You can have a great time if you know what you're doing, but a tourist without experience is asking for trouble to go alone. 


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