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There are bargains on this page, but many are older ads, or escort girls who are physically less attractive, have limited menus or don't always answer their phones.  These escorts may cost less, but are not at the same level as the chicas on previous pages.  All of these ads are translated for your convenience, but unless the ads says different NONE OF THESE GIRLS SPEAKS ENGLISH.


If you only speak English, but would like to have sex with a gorgeous young Tapatia (the girls from Guadalajara call themselves Tapatias),  we can help.  For $500 pesos (about $35 USD) we will call the prostitutes advertising in Spanish and help you set an appointment.  We will negotiate price, and handle all the details.  When the sweet young thing knocks on your door, there will be nothing left to discuss.  Hand her the money, take her into the bedroom and enjoy yourself.  It will be the best sex of your life.  Contact us for more details. 





My name is Angela.  I'm submissive, erotic and very sensual.  I'm a little doll with brown eyes.  I will come to our appointment wearing what you want me to wear.  We can go out, or spend all of our time in your bed.  I offer erotic services.  What would you like your little doll to do with you?





Vanesa - Service To Men And Couples, GFE


Thanks for reading my ad.  I'm a professional escort, attractive, educated and only 21 years old.  I've got a good attitude, and I'll give you Girlfriend Treatment.  I serve both men and couples.  We'll do what YOU want in the time we have.  You decide.  My priority is that you are completely and totally happy.  I'm independent, without agency, manager or pimp.  I'll be the person who answers the phone.  Call me. 


044 3315 63 6245





I'm Jesenia, and I want to pass the time with you and enjoy all your fantasies.  I'll come to your home (and of course hotels).  My service is without limits.  Call me for more details. 


3316 59 9754



Mia - Enjoys Threesomes


We'll do it your way, Papi.  I'm sensual, fun and elegant.  I enjoy kissing, both your mouth and anywhere on your body.  I have girlfriends equally beautiful.  Let's have a threesome. 


3331 43 6265



Sensual, Affectionate and Submissive


I'm a tall schoolgirl, 5'6" in bare feet, but much taller in sexy high heels.  What would you like me to do?  Do you want me to get on my knees?  I'll do it for you, watching you with my innocent eyes while I unbuttom my blouse and kiss your cock.  Do you enjoy getting hard in a young girls mouth?   I'm 19, but I look and act like I'm much, much younger. 


 33 1447 5173



Susan - "No Limits"


I'm a 28 year old escort, versatile, uncomplicated, affectionate and open minded.  I've got lots of experience in bed.  I'm affectionate, and enjoy being in bed with a man.  Do you have imagination?  You'll have fun with me.  I've got a dirty tongue, if you know what I mean.  I will kiss every inch of your body, without saying "no".  Call me, and I'll answer all your questions.



Natasha - Whatever You Want; GFE, 69 and more


I'm a passionate and willing dama de noche, and I want to be the best lover you've ever had.  Enter me where you want.  We'll both enjoy it.  Want to lick me while I suck you?  I love it.  No limits.  Call me, and we can talk more specifically


3331 81 8355




Dirty Little Mexican


I'm a dirty little Mexican whore, a perverse lover.  Surprise me with your favorite positions, and make me your little slut.  I'll be your fantasy Mexican whore, and make you believe I'm the woman you've been desiring.  I'll play whatever role you want.  I can be nice and gentle, but you can also give it to me hard, fast and rough. 


04433 1447 5173






I'm a busty blonde willing to do what you want.  I'm a high level escort, a deluxe companion.  Just call me, Papi.  Let me give you all my affection. 


044 3311 44 8488





Just give me an hour of your time.  Look at my photo.  Do you understand what I wanted when the photos were taken?  I want you inside me.  I have very low prices. 


  3313 79 2507



Fernanda - Likes It Hard and Fast


For men who want quality, discretion and a woman who is serious about her work.  Me enjoy satisfying men who demand more than just a woman who lays there and waits for you to finish your business.  I like a man to get behind me and give it to me hard and fast.  I'm 25, independent and very real.  Please call me. 






Would you like to play with a little doll?  My name is Angela.  Check out my photos.  I dress like that all the time.  I'm completely erotic and sensual.  My service is rich and delicious.  Would you enjoy me on my knees, on my back, or doggie style?  I like it all, Baby.


3311 12 0321



Debora -  GFE, BBBJCIM, Loves 69. 

2 hours for $800 pesos with Anal, no extra charge.


I am Deborah, at your service.  I offer complete service with everything you want, including anal sex.  I'm very clean, but we can have sex as dirty as you want.  I don't say "no".  I've got 34C breasts, perfect for you to put your cock between them.  My bottom is big, round and firm, and I love anal sex.  I give great blowjobs, and enjoy 69 if you will give me pleasure too.  I enjoy sucking without a condom, your choice.  Would you like to cum in my mouth or my ass? 


3311 83 2093



Erika - One hour, $65 USD



23 years old, a massage expert.  Erika prides herself on being a Mexicana who looks Scandanavian. 






Julieta y Katy


It's true, Papi!  My girlfriend and I are bisexual, and want you to call us for a threesome and lesbian show.  We're independent, without agency problems.  Don't be afraid to call us.  We nibble, but don't bite.





If you'd like a moment (or an hour) of pleasure, call me.  I'll come to wherever you are.  Home, hotel or motel.  I'm gentle, discrete and very sexy.  I took the photos myself, recentlyl.  No surprises, and no limits.  Call me about my menu. 


044 3317 70 2308





My name is Sara and I'm 22 years old.  I'm willing, sensuous and taste good.  I look the same as my photos.





Hi, I'm a sensuous, affectionate companion.  If you're looking for passion and treatment like a king, that's my specialty.  I'll make each one of your fantasies a reality.  Call me and I'll tell you more.


3310 39 6829





You can call me Kimm.  I'm a little doll, just 24 years old.  I don't like to be rushed.  You have to seduce me.  If you're romantic, I'll do anything you want, and I mean anything.  Call me and we'll talk about it. 


3311 57 1908



Parvati - Four Handed Massage


Ever had a 4 handed massage with a Happy Endling?  Get naked with us.  Bring your wife for a foursome, enjoy my girlfriend for a threesome, or it can be just you and me.  With your naked body totally relaxed after your massage, there are no limits to what we can enjoy.  Delicious.  Ask about our options and prices.  If you are serious, we'll send you more revealing photos.



SARAI  Y  AMIGAS - $1,200


We are four friends who are available at the some phone number.  Our ages are from 18 to 25.  We're all beautiful, and a bargain at a promotional price of $ 1200 PESOS


044 322 120 3061



Katya - GFE


If you like what you see, imagine the fun we could have.  Take me in your arms and kiss me.  I'm very affectionate.  I'm hungry.  I want to devour you.  Call me, Papi.  SI


3221 11 6787





What's happening, Baby?  I'm Andrea, an affectionate and attractive escort.  What's your fantasy.  Look at my pictures.  Could I be the girl in your fantasy, please?  I'm available for you all day, every day, 24/7, and will be totally yours for one hour or more.  I'm the best you're ever going to have.





I'm Litzy, a pretty girl who wants to be with you and please you.  What's your pleasure?  What do you want? 


3221 11 6787



Andrea and Abril - 3Somes


I'm a dark little seductress, 20 years old, sweet to the taste and easy on the eye.  My friend Abril is big breasted and horny.  Abril is 25.  Relive stress.  We're different, but both of us are hot, especially when we're together.  You can have just one of us, but where's the fun in that?   We're much more passionate when we're together.




I'm Samanta, and I want to know you...intimately.  I want your hands on my body, to feel you enter me, going faster, faster.  I offer a quality servce and quality sex.  I don't care where;  on the bed, in the shower, on the table or on the floor.  I like men with imagination.  Let's experiment.  Ever wanted to try a certain position, or have a special fantasy?  I do it all.  Call me and we'll talk about it. 


044 3334 75 8289





I have smooth, firm skin that you can only enjoy on a very young girl.  You'll especially like me from behind.  I have a tight little bottom that's you'll enjoy in bed.  I'm liberal on the positions you want me in. I'll kiss your mouth and suck you without limits.  Call me and we'll talk about the price.





I'm a real woman, Baby.  I have a promotional price on a 2 hour date without limits.  Let me kiss you on the mouth before I stimulate you with natural oral without a condom.  Once you're nice and hard, do what you want.  Most men see my backside, (see my photos) and know what they want.  I'll let you do what you want, Baby, no limits.  Call me and we'll set something up.  


3311 83 2093





Hi, I'm Karla, a cute chick with a good body without any stretch marks or blemishes.  Call me.  I know what you want. 


3221 56 6592



Ninfas 4

4 Nymphs


We're all good girls and we want to come to your party.  Our ages are from 19 to 28.  You can enjoy one of us, or all of us.  Call about our prices and menu.   


3221 14 0061





Hi Precious, I'm Victoria and I'd like to visit you anywhere in Guadalajara and pass the time with you.  If you want to see more photos before our date, I can send them.


3312 64 0567





My name is Angela, but you can call me Angel.  I'm erotic and sensual.  I'll give you everything, a pliable little doll with brown eyes and big breasts.  I want to dress special for you, tell me what you want.  I want to be your bedroom fantasy.  Call me and you can play with me any way you want. 


3316 12 0321



Two Girls


We provide the best threesome you'll ever have.  We're 21 and 24, both with pale skin and brown eyes, high level escorts who enjoy working together.  We work in all the Guadalajara area.





We're Miriam and Monika, two pretty bonbons for you to lick and taste.  You can have either of us, or both together.  Call for more information. 


3221 21 3021



Caramela - I Like Oral Sex Deep in my Throat


Call me on a whim, Baby.  I'll suck all of you, deep throat.  Sweet and rich, only call me Bebe. 


3223 03 8008



Two Mature Milfs


We're two mature ladies, not kids.  Our photos are real.  Call for more information.  Don't be afraid.  Experienced women give the best experiences. 


3316 51 3432





I'm a pretty little doll and available for you, Baby.  My name is Zury, and I'm a cute little plaything waiting for you to call. 


3221 86 1019



Astrid - Big Breasts, Too


I'm Astrid, the chick you want in your bed.  I give a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) with kisses and everything else.  Look at my photo to the left.  What do you want Baby?  I thought so.  The answer is "yes".  Call me. 


3221 86 1019




Just A Baby


I'm a young girl and super willing.  I'm polite and of good character.  I adapt my service to what you want.  I can be submissive, or dominant.  I have toys we can play with, and beautiful lingerie to tempt you.  I give every service, just call me for prices.  


044 3313 31 6140



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Connecting With An Escort By Phone, Even If You Don't Speak Spanish


Note:  Almost all the girls operate from cell phones.  This link is to excellent instructions on how to place calls to Mexican phone numbers.  Usually, you just dial 044 first then her 10 digit number.  That's if you are already in Mexico, and the girl is local.  If the number is still a cell phone but it's a number from a different city, you dial 045 first.  (If all the ad numbers begin with "664", and her number starts "322", you can figure she's visiting.)  There are other numbers you have to dial first if you're calling from the United States, calling land lines within Mexico, etc.  Just click the link above.  It's just a few extra numbers, and the calls won't cost you much.  These women cost a fraction of what a comparable would cost in the U.S.  If you don't speak Spanish, offer someone who speaks Spanish and English $50 pesos (about $4) to help you make the call.  It's worth it.