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We divide each city into three groups of prostitutes.  Our first group is independent escorts who advertise online.  If you like browsing online and having the girl come to you, Guadalajara has plenty for you to choose from.  Girls who speak English can be hard to find, so you might want to get someone bilingual to help.  Hotel staff and taxi drivers are especially good, because they provide hookers anyway.  Whether you use our vocabulary page, an interpreter or have enough Spanish to get by on your own, you'll have to deal with the language barrier for over 95% of the escorts who advertise.  The second group are the escort services, where the call girls work through an agency.  We have several to choose from in Guadalajara, though for legal reasons they can't call themselves escort services.  Whenever you have a "directory" where all the hookers have the same phone number, it's an agency.  The third group is streetwalkers.  Guadalajara doesn't have a single famous area like Boystown in Matamoros, Zona Norte in Tijuana or the multiple zones in Mexico City.  It's too spread out.  There are multiple street corners and parks where you can find chicas.  There are diamonds in the rough, but over 90% of these putas are not worth the trouble.  Guys who like street hookers are generally not happy in Guadalajara, and move on to the esteticas or online ads


One interesting difference in Guadalajara is that most prostitutes are willing to go to private residences.  In Mexico City, Cancun or Tijuana, prostitutes learn that the most dangerous dates are with men who have private residences.  Bad men set traps for innocent escorts, drug their drinks, beat them, rape and rob them.  The police don't do anything, and the young hookers are often far from home..  However in Guadalajara, many visiting businessmen are not there for 3 days of intense meetings.  Many are there for 6 months to a year.  They rent apartments or stay in company housing.  More customers live in private residences.  Unlike other big cities, too, prostitutes live at home with their parents.  Drug and rape a Guadalajara escort, and she won't call the cops.  She will tell her brothers.  The robber/rapist won't deal with some fat, bored, corrupt policeman looking for a beer and a bribe.  He'll deal with 5 or 10 angry male relatives, and they will fuck him up.  This is a town that operates on street justice.  The escorts feel safer here than almost anywhere else in Mexico. 


In Guadalajara, you can choose what's most important to you; price, quality or convenience.  Prices are all over the map.  You have brothel hookers in the estetica masculinas who charge as little as $350 for a half hour of massage and full service.  They split with the house and deal in volume.  (We go early in the day, before.  By 8PM, when many close, these prostitutes have entertained 5 to 10 customers.)  At the other end of the spectrum, you have amazing young students putting themselves through school.  They charge $2000 an hour.  The brothel whores are usually 4 to 6 on a 10 scale.  The independent escorts are usually 7 to 10 on a 10 scale.  The estetica masculinas are the most convenient for many clients.  Especially if you are staying in town for more than a couple days, once you find an estetica masculina you like, you can return again and again, then find another.  Other gentlemen will pay a premium for home service, and the wait is less important than being able to avoid traffic.  Determined mongers can find beautiful girls in the esteticas, and find the ultimate combination of price, quality and convenience.


If you want a high-level independent escort, be prepared to wait.   Guadalajara is like the Los Angeles, hopelessly spread out.  Many gentlemen ask for a chica in 30 minutes.  It's fantasy.  Figure a minimum of 2-3 hours for a high-level escort to shower, change clothes, put on makeup, grab a taxi and travel to the client.  Experienced whore monger in this town learn the value of advance planning. 


Olivia - English Speaking Escort with U.S. Passport


If you have experience with both high-level U.S. escorts and Mexican whores, you know the difference is more than language.  It's style and intellect.  Olivia is doing post-graduate work in Guadalajara, and divides her time between the U.S. and Mexico.  She is available in both countries, and loves to travel.  If you are seeking intelligence as well as physical satisfaction, Olivia specializes in touching your heart and mind as well as your body.  She will have your favorite food and beverage prepared, as you like it.  Her wardrobe is extensive.  Olivia will dress for you.  She's not a girl you can call and use on the same day, but she is worth the wait.  Anticipation can be erotic! Visit Olivia's VIP page for more photos and information.


Email: OliviaCorvisart@safeoffice.com
Twitter: @OliviaCorvisart      Website: https://www.bespokecompanionship.com


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