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The Women of Pleasure Principle in Cancun

Full Service . Quality . Consistency . Safety . Abundant Selection . Incall and Outcall . Open 24 Hours

Free Transportation to and from the spa. All major credit cards accepted


You have approximately 50 escorts to choose from.  The women listed below are representative, but not complete.  This is High Season, from February through June.  New escorts arrive daily from all over Mexico, Latin America and the world.  Choose from the famous women of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Columbia, known for their incredible beauty and large, round bottoms.  There are blondes from Europe, Orientals from the Far East, and from Dubai and other near eastern cities, there are modern day harem girls visiting for a vacation in the sun.  The cornucopia of beauty increases daily. 



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Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726     Local: +52-998-980-0502
WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189



Some facts apply to ALL these beautiful escorts:

  • safe, safe, safe

  • disease free

  • discretion

  • out-call to hotel

  • in-call at our spas

  • free transportation

  • convenience

  • available 24/7


The Pleasure Principle in Cancun (and sister facility The Pleasure Palace in Playa del Carmen) are known throughout the world.  They have two locations but are one company, a combination of brothel and escort service.  At the core of their business are international beauties.  These women come to Cancun and Playa del Carmen for paid vacations.  The Pleasure Principle is a magnet for some of the most gorgeous escorts in the world, who come to Cancun and PDC to enjoy the sun, the beaches and to make a little money doing what they enjoy most; having sex.


Their website, www.pleasure-principle-cancun.com, is very informative.  It's a nice website to visit and get an idea of what is possible.  There is even a chat feature, with a live customer service representative who is there to answer your questions.  However, the best option is to visit one of their two luxurious facilities.  It's one thing to see pictures, collect information and make tentative plans.  It's another thing to actually go and meet the girls.  Everyone has good days and bad days, and escorts are no different.  Maybe the girl who looks good in the photos isn't at her best.  Meanwhile, your eyes meet another girl and the chemistry is instantly electric.  All your careful plans go out the window when you meet someone that you instantly click with.  Visit the website, but make plans to visit one (or both) of their facilities when you visit.  There's no high pressure, just a relaxed tour and introductions to the beautiful women.  The staff speaks fluent English (and several other languages), and many of the escorts speak English as well.   You'll love the rooms; complete with jacuzzis, they are the perfect setting for an hour of romance.  They even have a car they can send to pick you up and return you to your hotel.  There is no cost or obligation to this transportation service. 


When you visit in person, you meet all the girls, not just the ones on the website.   Experienced visitors to Mexico know that most young, beautiful Mexican escorts live with their families.  Their life as an escort is a secret to their parents, brothers and sisters, friends, family and neighbors.  Some girls blur their faces for the online photos.  Others will not allow any photos at all. These girls are NOT listed on the official website or here to protect their privacy.  However, you can meet these willing young beauties and enjoy them in the privacy of one of the luxurious rooms available for visiting guests. 


If you are staying in an all-inclusive resort, you probably know they will not allow guests to your room.  Your choices are to pay a high guest fee, rent another room elsewhere, or visit the Pleasure Principle or the Pleasure Palace.   When you visit their luxury spa/brothel you enjoy both the convenience and the savings of expensive Day Passes or additional room expenses. 


Of course, both the Pleasure Principle and the Pleasure Palace offer outcall services to your hotel.  There is an additional travel fee to cover expenses.  Many men prefer this service.  It's your decision.  All major credit cards accepted.  Prices start at $350 an hour, but there are always promotional specials. 



Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726     Local: +52-998-980-0502
WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189



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