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Katya - Barely Legal Bisexual



Katya looks younger than 21.  She is every mans schoolgirl fantasy.  She's a pouty Princess with plenty of personality, playful and precocious.  Get her alone, and for a second you'll wonder if you chose the wrong girl.  She'll look at you as if she had no experience.  What do you want her to do, the innocent face asks. As she drops to her knees in front of you and looks up, there will be no doubt what she wants to do next.  She wants you hard and ready for that sweet moment of penetration, when you enter her young and willing body. 


Katya wonders if it's wrong that she likes giving oral sex to girls as well as boys.  Is that bad that she likes the taste of a woman while a man enters from behind?  In a country plagued with sexual guilt, Katya has made her decision.  She likes women and men equally, and is never so happy as when she has both a man and a woman in bed at the same time.  If you want a threesome filled with both innocence and passion, Katya is your perfect choice.


Additional Info about Katya


Age:        21

Height:    5'3"

Weight:   110 pounds

Chest:     32B

Waist:     24

Hips:       34


Services for:  Men and couples, specializing in lesbian shows.

Languages:    Good English and Spanish


Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726     Local: +52-998-980-0502

WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189

More Information About Katya



International Cell: 52-998-892-0283

Local Cancun: 892-0283

From USA:  1 888 266-6952

More Information About Katya