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Reports tell us that Plaza 21 is closed.  RIP, assholes.  We have no current information on strip clubs in Cancun


The short version is "don't go to strip clubs in Cancun".  There will be bullies who hang out outside the clubs, demanding "protection" money.  Inside the clubs they will pad your credit bill.  Everyone will ask for tips for every little service.  The girls are predators.  It's not pleasant or fun. You will spend too much money, you won't be safe and you will leave unsatisfied.  This is the worst strip club town in Mexico. 


JR, a frequent visitor to Cancun strip clubs, sends us this info. "There is still one club in the "party central" near Dady O tucked back in an alley called "Mixx" It is kind of a clothes on strip club / brothel. They play music like a dance club, with dance floor, but girls wear sexy dresses and keep clothes on while in club, they have to in order to stay open. You go in, the women approach you, try to get you to buy them a drink and go in back room for "private dance" - you negotiate from there, they will do whatever you want in the back room though, and take out is also on the menu but you have to pay a $150 fee to the club. The girls that speak English want more, but back room is around $20 per song, and then negotiate from there, my guess is $100-$150 will get you whatever you want in back room, but the better looking ones demand more than the average ones. To go to hotel they want around $300 (plus club fee of $150). Drinks for girls are $20-$30 and most are "tequlia agua" - nothing but water or juice in theirs. They get a cut of the bar tab. Girls there were nice, and a few hot ones, most average." Plaza 21 also has whatever you're looking for, but don't go alone.  Plaza 21 is about 6 miles out of town, in a walled courtyard area with many of  the strip clubs in Cancun; Black Jack's Men's Club, Climax, Dassan, Millennium and VIP among others, like Avenida Kukulcan, Tabares and Paroxism.  Unfortunately, we recommend using a brothel or an escort SAFETY WARNING:  Plaza 21 doesn't have a great reputation for safety, which is surprising for a high-end tourist destination like Cancun.  Many reviews suggest there are intimidation tactics outside the clubs.  The stories are similar.  A Mexican with a confrontational attitudes come up to you and demand $50 pesos within a few feet of the club entrance.  They tell you some bullshit like it's the price to watch your car, or whatever they feel like saying.  Your next choice is interesting.  The amount is less than $5 USD.  Do you pay?  Do you fight?  If you fight, how many of the Mexicans standing nearby will help the Mexican you're having trouble with?  Does this little idiot have relatives on the police force?  This is all within sight of the doorman/bouncer, so you have to wonder if the club and their security is involved.  If the cover was $50 pesos more, who would object?  Stupid, to end up with warnings like this one.  This is one of only a few specific safety warnings on our entire website, which covers all of Mexico.  Cancun prides itself on offering the best resort experience in Mexico.  They need to clean this up.  Many reviewers (see JRs input below) suggest not going alone. If you have experiences to share, please contact us and tell us your story. 


Cancun regular, JR, writes to tell us.  "Your review of Plaza 21 is spot on. I went to Blackjack a few years ago. That place is rough. Drug dealers, people wanting tips everywhere, extremely pushy girls, all expert hustlers. These women are experienced pro's. They have been around the block and I wouldnt trust them with anything. If you go there, you better go with a group of friends, dont take your credit card, take a limited amount of cash, and dont get too drunk. Most go there for drugs, sex, booze. Sounds fun, but very dangerous place for gringos. They left me alone, but only because I am bigger than all of them and had a few guys with me. Women way to pushy for me. I wouldnt recommend going there to anyone.  You are right though, the party bus is the way to go, cabs charge you double to triple to leave and go back to hotel zone because they know what you will pay. "  Thanks, JR.