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Most guys find that's it's easier to simply go to the Pleasure Principle and enjoy their girls and facility there.  It this does not work for you, try a sex motel.  Married Mexican businessmen who want to bang their secretary use a Sex Motels.  Sometimes called "retiros" or "love motels", these are motels where Mexican men and knowledgeable tourists go to enjoy escorts.  If you are traveling with others and cannot use your regular hotel room, or if you've made a rookie error and booked a room at a hotel where they don't allow hookers (which is the entire group of all inclusive hotels), you can go to one of these hotels and rent them for a few hours.  Once you have checked in and have a room number, you can have an escort come to you without problems.  No escort will meet you there and help you check in.  You have to give them a room number. 


These are not bad places to wait for your escort. You can order cold beers, strip and get into the jacuzzi, When the beers arrive, you don't have to do anything.  The lazy susan has hall access for the waitress.  She puts your beer and food in the lazy susan, then turns it.  Now the beer and food is accessible in the privacy of your room, so you don't have to dress, answer the door and deal with the server.  You can order a complete meal or snacks as well as just drinks. There are two primary love motels in the area; one in Cancun, the other in Playa del Carmen.  


Cancun:  Try the Auto Posada Bombay.  Their best deal is a room with a Kama Sutra couch, a king sized bed, a stripper pole and a jacuzzi for $800 pesos (about $50 USD) for 8 hours.  They have a terrible website with a decent map.  The address is Calle 10, Manzana 7 lote 2 supermanzana 62, Cancun 77500, Mexico.   All the cab drivers know where it is. All the rooms look like sets for a porn movie, with bright colored furniture and wall hangings.  You will be disappointed if you only rent your girl for a couple hours.  Experienced hobbyists get a blowjob in the hot tub, where you can sip cold drinks and relax with your Mexican morsel.  After a little rest, your MexiChica can stimulate you orally again, then move to the bed, the Kama Sutra couch, even the plush chairs are all made for sex.  You can literally have sex all over the room.  It's better than a regular hotel for entertaining an escort.


Playa del Carmen: In PDC on the main highway, surrounded by high walls is the Motel Boutique Chocolate.  You'll enjoy similar room prices and amenities to the Auto Posada Bombay.  Again, they have an awful website.  Again, all the cab drivers will know where it is.  


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