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There are a lot of call girls to choose from in Cancun.  The first thing to decide is your comfort level....both for safety and expense.   The safest and most convenient option is to call an escort service. We recommend phoning an established agency like the Pleasure Principle. 


Your next option is to call an independent escort.  These can be hard to find.  Cancun is expensive.  The affordable housing is a LONG taxi ride away, and it's still one of the most expensive places to living in Mexico.  There are too many all-inclusive hotels with Pussy Patrols who keep clients from getting girls to their room. 


The third is to go to a strip club.  Usually, strip clubs in Mexico are a safe experience.  For some reason, Cancun allows street bullies to intimidate and shake down visitors outside the clubs for small amounts of money. 


The fourth, cheapest and most dangerous way to enjoy the services of a Mexican chica is to leave the tourist area, go downtown, and find a girl on the streets or a Mexican brothel.  You'd better have experience.  Once you leave the tourist areas your safety is NOT guaranteed.    


Escort Services - If you have the money and don't mind spending it, you;re in the right place.  High level call girls from all over the world come to Cancun to entertain rich tourists.   Many speak English.  There are several services in Cancun.  Plan on spending a minimum of $300 USD.  (That's almost $4,000 pesos.)  Pleasure Principle has a nice website offering both male and female escorts.   They have a good reputation and it won't be dangerous.  


Independent Escorts - Cancun has very few independent chicas who will come to your hotel, condo or residence.  The English speaking girls are a little more expensive, with prices starting at about $200 an hour.  As a group, the "Spanish only" girls are both better looking and less expensive.  Of course, the trick is getting the appointment set.  Don't be shy about asking for help getting things set up.  All Mexican men you'll meet in the tourist areas want to make money, and for $50 pesos (about $4) would be happy to make a couple phone calls for you. 


Strip Clubs - Sex at a strip club in Mexico is a different.  They have little rooms.  You pay anywhere from $1000 to $2,500 pesos ($80 to $200 USD) to go into these room with a dancer, usually for about 15 minutes.  Like being intimidated by pint sized street punks who will shake you down outside the clubs?  Then Cancun is for you.  People experienced at strip clubs all over the world all report that elegant Cancun offers the worst strip club experience on the planet.  The girls are ugly, the clubs are dangerous (inside and out) and you definitely don't want to go alone, and it's expensive. 


Streetwalkers -  Are you willing to go downtown for a Mexican experience?  If everything goes without incident, it won't cost you much money.  Here's how to do it.  First, change your money to pesos. Plan on spending $500 pesos or more for the best girls on the street, plus hotel and condom.  You'll need a few words in Spanish.  If you venture away from the hotel areas, there is a different risk level.  The local police don't protect tourists outside the tourist zone.  We recommend going with at least one other guy.  See our Safety page for more information.   Whatever happens, it will be an adventure you'll always remember. 


The Mexican Streetwalker scene is not for everyone.  These girls are from a different culture.  It's more than just the language.  Basically, you are renting their pussy for a few minutes, and many times their attitude reflects this.  Here's a typical "culture clash" experience from a Friend of Ours, Big Dong Wong.  "I would like to thank you so much! I used your website to find independent escorts in Cancun while on vacation for 6 days. Before I called on of the independent escorts on your website, I tried the street whores & brothels in downtown Cancun. That was NOT for me! I couldn't even get turned on. I walked by some brothels where the girls stand outside on the sidewalk. You pick one and they take you inside. The place looks like it was hit by a bomb. It was disgusting. I new It was going downhill but I soldiered on... The price was 400 pesos. the girl I picked wouldn't take her top off off nor would she give a blow job, nor would she do doggie style, not anal mind you, just doggie style. I couldn't come. I just cut my losses and walked out. She just wanted me to mount her and be done in 5 minutes. This may work for some hard core hobbyists but not me.