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Want to find a girl, but don't speak Spanish? No problem. Let us help. For $500 pesos (about $38 USD) we'll use our bilingual skills to call any escort you like. As long as you're reasonable in what you're looking for, we'll call any girls on our pages, or any of the other websites where independent hookers advertise. Pay at any Oxxo convenience store, or if you're in the US you can use Western Union or PayPal. We'll have dozens of girls for you to select from. "Spanish Only" Mexican prostitutes are usually much less expensive (and much sexier) than the bilingual girls. Usually your savings will be greater than our fee. To get started, contact us. Tell us what type of girl you like, what kind of sex you want, and the price you're willing to pay. If you're reasonable, we can have a beautiful (and inexpensive) "spanish only" escort knocking at your door in as little as 30 minutes. You don't have to speak Spanish to have amazing sex with a beautiful bargain puta Mexicana.


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Michelle Secrets - GFE, BBBJ, Anal

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes

Service to Men, Women and Couples


Michelle is a naturally sexual being, and built for sex with her hourglass body.  She's open to whatever you want.  She can be a romantic lover, with playful, passionate kisses.   She can be an oral artist, taking you to heights you've never known.  Michelle can also be your anal princess.  Normal sex?  She can be gentle, sensual, athletic or nasty.  And Michelle loves the ladies, and does a lesbian show with enthusiasm.  She is located in PDC, and there may be a travel fee to Cancun.  See her VIP page for more photos and details. 


9841 68 1215

Jesy - GFE with Men and Couples


Jesy is bisexual, and has all the right equipment.  She's 5'7", has a 38D chest and even speaks a little English.  She's perfect for a swing club date, or a threesome.  If your girl has been bi-curious and feels adventurous so far from home, Jesy loves to teach women about their bodies.  If you're a guy without a girl but still want a threesome, let Jessy help you out by bringing a friend.  See Jessy's VIP page for more photos, prices and information.


Contact Jesy's Translator


Genesis - GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Anal

Roleplay and Fantasy - Loves To Be A Naughty Schoolgirl


Genesis is a bad, bad little girl.  What are you going to do about it?  She likes a man to grab her pigtails, and force himself into her mouth, then fuck her anally.  Don't worry, she'll give in.  This naughty schoolgirl wants to be kissed, then hard sex.  It's a game she doesn't get tired of.  $1800 an hour.  You can cum in her mouth for an additional $400.  Add $500 for anal sex.  Only available during limited hours.  See her VIP page for more photos and prices. 


Contact Genesis's Translator


Busty Vanesa - GFE, BBBJ, Threesomes & Lesbian Shows


Busty Vanesa loves to dress up for her dates. Do you enjoy undressing a woman?  First a garter belt, then a stocking, then one of those sexy over-the-elbow gloves?  She's an old fashioned.  Even though she's a Sure Thing, Vanesa loves to be romanced.  Vanesa is proud of her big boobs, and gets excited when you lube them up.  She'll press them together while you enjoy yourself Russian style.  $1600 pesos or $160 USD an hour.  May be available in PDC with a $400 peso or $40 travel fee


Contact Yuliana's Translator



There are a lot of call girls to choose from in Cancun.  The first thing to decide is your comfort level....both for safety and expense.  The most expensive is to call an escort service.  It's not always safe to call one of these agencies.  You're not breaking the law to hire a hooker.  You are breaking the law if you use an agency's service.  The idea is to prevent exploitation of women, preventing them from being forced into been forced into sexual slavery.  Mexico has a lot of laws that are enforced when it's convenient, or when corrupt officials see a potential profit.  There is a forum posting on the World Sex Guide of a U.S. citizen who was arrested and extorted for thousands of dollars (not pesos) by corrupt policemen.  Basically, he phoned a discount escort agency, and had them send a girl to his room.  The next day he was arrested, his documents were confiscated, and he was threatened with prison if he did not pay.  Does this happen often?  Of course not.  Are you willing to take the risk of it happening to you?  Then go ahead and call an escort service. We recommend phoning an established agency. 


Your next option is to call an independent escort. 


The third is to go to a strip club.  Usually, strip clubs in Mexico are a safe experience.  For some reason, Cancun allows street bullies to intimidate and shake down visitors outside the clubs for small amounts of money.  The cheapest and most dangerous way to enjoy the services of a Mexican chica is to leave the tourist area, go downtown, and find a girl on the streets.  


Escort Services - If you have the money and don't mind spending it, you;re in the right place.  High level call girls from all over the world come to Cancun to entertain rich tourists.   Many speak English.  There are several services in Cancun.  Plan on spending a minimum of $300 USD.  (That's almost $4,000 pesos.)  Cancun Escort has a nice website offering both male and female escorts.   They have a good reputation and it shouldn't be dangerous.Exotica Cancun offers both real event entertainers and an escort service.  Yes, you can save money by going downtown.  But you may have someone that looks like Adara Sanchez delivered from your escort service.  (She's a Mexican pornstar from Cancun, shown on the left.) 


Independent Escorts - This is the our specialty.  Cancun has many, many independent chicas who will come to your hotel, condo or residence.  The English speaking girls can be a little more expensive.  As a group, the "Spanish only" girls are both better looking and less expensive.  Of course, the trick is getting the appointment set.  Don't be shy about asking for help getting things set up.  All Mexican men you'll meet in the tourist areas want to make money, and for $50 pesos (about $4) would be happy to make a couple phone calls for you.  So what if the dama de noche only speaks Spanish?  Once you hear the knock on your door, how much conversation do you really need?  Our friend, Big Dong Wong, had a terrible experience with a street hooker (see his story, below, in the "streetwalkers" section), but soldiered on and had a fantastic time with an independent escort.  " I was going to give up after my street whore/brothel experience but after studying your website I decided to give an escort a try. I called Melina, 9987 04 3617. she did not speak English but she had me call her friend and he translated for me. I met her near the bus stop and she took me to nice hotel that was very clean and had everything you needed, condoms, tv, jacuzzi, they even had a stripper dance pole in the room. I loved it. the room was 320 pesos for 3 hours. Melina was a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 but let me tell you her attitude made her seem like a 10! She was very pleasant and smiled and giggled and made you feel comfortable. Even thought we she didn't speak much English we got by. She started to strip me and rub my body, then went to a blowjob. I was busy caressing her body. then she mounted me and started riding! she rode me facing me , back to me, etc. then I took her doggie style. I had a huge explosion! After I came she took the condom off me and wiped me and offered to shower with me. After the shower she offered me a massage! She gave me a nice massage and i almost fell aspleep. What a great night!!"  You Da Man, BD.  He chose Melina, a sexy little Mexican spinner, instead of an English speaking girl.  (For new guys, a Spinner is a slender girl who is light enough to ride you on top, and agile enough to change directions while you're still inside her.  For other common terms, see our abbreviations page.)  One thing Big Dong doesn't talk about is his own attitude.  You don't get a girl like Melina to treat you like a king without treating her with affection and respect.  These girls are real people, and their human reactions are very genuine.  BD talks about how wonderful she made him feel.  What he's too modest to say is that he made her feel fantastic as well.  Great job!!


Strip Clubs and Hooker Bars - You can have sex in most strip clubs in Mexico.  They have little rooms.  You pay anywhere from $500 to $2,500 pesos ($40 to $200 USD) to go into these room with a dancer, usually for about 15 minutes.  For the larger amounts, you get a little more time.  For the short times the dancer/puta will usually just give you a blowjob, though for more money you get more.  Unless you're happy having a fast orgasm in a closet sized room with some fat Mexican dude just waiting to start banging on the door telling you your time is up, you may want to consider paying the "bar fine".  The bar fine (in Spanish the "salida") is what you pay the bar to take a dancer home with you.  Ask your waiter (macero) or the dancer about the cost.  You'll have to negotiate separately with the dancer.  Don't forget that you hotel may have something to say about your staggering through the lobby with some exotic dancer on your arm.  You may have to get a room at a hotel that is set up for entertaining hookers for a few hours.  At that point, you've paid for a bunch of taxis, drinks at the bar, dances at the bar, the bar fine (salida), the cost of the girl and a second hotel room.  One thing leads to another, right?  This can become a very expensive evening.  If money is not a problem, enjoy.  If you are looking for the best balance between cost and pleasure, use our photos ads for independents.


Streetwalkers -  Are you willing to go downtown for a Mexican experience?  If everything goes without incident, it won't cost you much money.  Here's how to do it.  First, change your money to pesos. Plan on spending $300 to $500 pesos ($25 to $40USD) for the best girl on the street, plus hotel and condom.  You'll need a few words in Spanish.  If you venture away from the hotel areas, there is a different risk level.  The local police don't protect tourists outside the tourist zone.  We recommend going with at least one other guy.  See our Safety page for more information.   Whatever happens, it will be an adventure you'll always remember. 


The Mexican Streetwalker scene is not for everyone.  These girls are from a different culture.  It's more than just the language.  Basically, you are renting their pussy for a few minutes, and many times their attitude reflects this.  Here's a typical "culture clash" experience from a Friend of Ours, Big Dong Wong.  "I would like to thank you so much! I used your website to find independent escorts in Cancun while on vacation for 6 days. Before I called on of the independent escorts on your website, I tried the street whores & brothels in downtown Cancun. That was NOT for me! I couldn't even get turned on. I walked by some brothels where the girls stand outside on the sidewalk. You pick one and they take you inside. The place looks like it was hit by a bomb. It was disgusting. I new It was going downhill but I soldiered on... The price was 400 pesos. the girl I picked woudn't take her top off off nor would she give a blow job, nor would she do doggie style, not anal mind you, just doggie style. I couldn't come. I just cut my losses and walked out. She just wanted me to mount here and be done in 5 minutes. This may work for some hard core hobbyists but not me.


The following was sent to us by someone who wished to remain anonymous.  He recommends El Centro, the Mexican business center of Cancun, if you want to pick a girl from the streets.   "In El Centro you will find more of the prostitutes just walking the street or on a street corner. Those are the prostitutes you can get for like $20, but you will probably also get a disease. When you go out at night though it's going to be an abundance of them. There isn't going to be one every few feet trying to pressure you to get with them, but they are around."  First, you're not going to get a SW for $20 or get a disease.  Figure on paying $10 for each number on the 10 Scale.  (You'll pay $100 USD for a 10, $90 for a 9, etc.)  Use pesos.  Don't take dollars onto the street.  Be patient if you don't see what you want.  Find a restaurant with a chair by the window in a good location and watch.  The best girls may be busy, but about to return.  Your street girl will know where to go for a room, which will be an extra charge.  Make sure you find out how long, both for the girl and the room.  ("Cuanto tiempo?" is "how much time?".)  Also, you need to know what you're going to get, especially if you want GFE, BBBJ, or anal.  All three are not normal in Mexican sex-for-hire.  If you want to start with a blowjob and end up with vaginal sex, the words you want are "quiero chupa y cohair".  (Pronounced Key-air-oh Shoo-pah E coh-hair or "I want a blowjob and a fuck.")  For more useful words and phrases, visit out "vocabulary" page. 


Don't be shy, or overly concerned about the language barrier.  The girls want your money, and are curious.  Mexican girls think "white is beautiful", and your little morena will probably be thinking about what you'll be like in bed.  You're probably her first Gringo or Canadian.  Mexican girls, even the streetwalkers, really like sex.  If she cries, moans and shudders in orgasm, she's probably not faking it.  If you want to try your luck on the streets, do it.  You'll be safer than in the Plaza 21 strip clubs, which have a bad rep in Cancun.