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Yes, you can save money by going downtown.  But your escort service might deliver someone that looks like Adara Sanchez..  (She's a Mexican pornstar from Cancun, the one with incredible ass shown at the left.)  Cancun is a world class vacation destination, and attracts visitors from all over the world.  There are many visiting world class escorts to service these rich tourists.  Cancun is not Mexico City, Tijuana or Mexicali or even Guadalajara.  These are cities where escort services compete fiercely in the $125 to $200 USD range, with prices kept low by beautiful independent girls who either work the streets or advertise (in English) on their own.  Cancun is very 3rd World; "haves" and "have nots" are separated by a wide gulf, with little in between. Most guys should spend the extra money and take the sure thing.  Cancun is not high on the list of seasoned hobbyists, mongers who travel and enjoy premium working girls at bargain rates.  Cancun is for the wealthy, and its top echelon escorts come with a high price tag. 


H writes a nice review of Cancun Escort, also known as Pleasure Principle.  "I have visited Pleasure Principle establishments both in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. They are top notch, very clean, safe and straight forward with a great selection of rooms and young girls any time of the day. Be prepared to pay between $200 and $400 usd for a hot 1 one hour experience. The price depends on your choice of rooms, time and libations. They parade the current girls of the house one after another in front of you in their best room, some of them in provocative costume, each has a number and it is your duty to remember the number of the most desirable girl for you (very difficult). I have noticed that the selection of the girls change depending on time of day and month. Early in the day = less choices. High season = more choices."


The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle has one of the most professional, easy to use websites in Mexico. You don't need any Spanish.  It's written in English, and has large thumbnail photos of many of their escorts. Prices start at $350 for the first hour, depending on the girl you choose and the services you want. The Pleasure Principle strives to deliver value. The escorts are all GFE providers, and some speak English. The Pleasure Principle has both male and female escorts to complete your fantasies, including couples and other threesome combinations. Luxurious incall as well as outcall services. Visit their website www.pleasure-principle-cancun.com or see their VIP page for more photos, profiles of individual girls, and information. 


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International cell phone +52-998-892-0283