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Two Great Locations: One Unbeatable Offer


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Which Resort should you choose?  Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya are very similar in quality, ambiance, activities and cuisine.  Each offers a swinging experience unparalled anywhere in the world.  Each is adults only, couples only, clothing optional, secluded and all-inclusive.  Both are located on the beach in Puerto Morelos, just minutes from both Playa del Carmen and Cancun.  Many couples never leave the grounds, with lush tropical plants leading down to the private beach.  Each property has multiple bars, restaurants, night clubs and orgy rooms.  Everything is included in the cost of your room; meals and snacks, beer, wine and harder beverages, & nightly entertainment.  Each resort has 10 restaurants and bars, plus the option for free room service.  There are organized activities both day and night to encourage new friendships at both Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Pearl, all included at no cost.  Also included are non-motorized beach craft, like kayaks, windsurfing, hobie cats and sailboats.  Of course, you must pay at the gift shop, the pharmacy and the spa.    

Desire Pearl is slightly newer, slightly more elegant, and can be a little more relaxing than Desire Riviera Maya.  There are plenty of activities, and the atmosphere is very sensual, but the pace is a little slower.  Of course, this changes week to week as new arrivals cum and go.  It's the perfect place to tan under the tropical sun (clothing optional) by day and party at night with discriminating, like-minded couples.  There's a party in the disco Obsessions every night, and the Sin Room is always available for soft swing**, or complete exchanges.


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Desire Riviera Maya is the preferred destination of experienced swingers, who want both luxury and action.  Often there are more people taking advantage of the "clothing optional" policy by day.  Enjoy the activities (naked volleyball?) and make new friends.  By night, you'll meet your new friends, now erotically dressed, in the "Y" Club, and enjoy them intimately in the Play Room where you'll consummate your new friendships. 


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*Not available December 24 through February 31.  Christmas and New Years are already nearly booked to capacity, and Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya are both celebrating International Swingers Month in January.  To forget about the promotional discount and participate in the wildest party of the year, visit the Desire Riviera Maya website or the Desire Pearl website  for more details on the huge celebration of International Swingers Month for January, 2014.  


**A "soft swing" is where you join other couples for sex, but you only enjoy penetration or oral sex with your partner.  It's an excellent way to experience the ambiance of the swinging lifestyle, without the shock of watching your partner with another person.  Be aware that some touching by other people will occur.  This is often an offer to exchange.  These advances can be discouraged with a smile and a shaking of your head, indicating "no thank you."