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In the late 1960s, Mexican government planners set out to build the perfect vacation spot from scratch. They picked the most remote, undeveloped place they could find: a tiny barrier island on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.  The island was called Cancun, "snake's nest" in Mayan.  Boy, have things changed.  From a visitor's point of view, this is paradise.  There are also beautiful escorts, from very expensive to less than $100 USD.     


Cancun is popular for a lot of excellent reasons, cheap and readily available sex from gorgeous independent escorts just being one of them.  It's an international city, with visitors from all over the world.  Being relatively new (unlike Acapulco and Mazatlan) the facilities are of better quality.  The Mexican government has made Cancun a blueprint for resort cities all over the world.  The waters along the Mayan Riviera are among the clearest in the world. Divers can explore the amazing caves along the coast before traveling on to Cozumel.  There are archaeologically significant ruins within easy driving distance.  The Mayan Riviera has some of the best swinging resorts on the planet. 

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Want to find a girl, but don't speak Spanish? No problem. Let us help. For $500 pesos (about $38 USD) we'll use our bilingual skills to call any escort you like. As long as you're reasonable in what you're looking for, we'll call any girls on our pages, or any of the other websites where independent hookers advertise. Pay at any Oxxo convenience store, or if you're in the US you can use Western Union or PayPal. We'll have dozens of girls for you to select from. "Spanish Only" Mexican prostitutes are usually much less expensive (and much sexier) than the bilingual girls. Usually your savings will be greater than our fee. To get started, contact us. Tell us what type of girl you like, what kind of sex you want, and the price you're willing to pay. If you're reasonable, we can have a beautiful (and inexpensive) "spanish only" escort knocking at your door in as little as 30 minutes. You don't have to speak Spanish to have amazing sex with a beautiful bargain puta Mexicana.


A frequent visitor, JR, writes "Cancun is now the Las Vegas of Mexico. They have figured out what Americans are willing to pay to party and that is what they demand (both the girls and the clubs).  There used to be a few great strip clubs in the hotel zone near Dady O' and Coco Bongo. One was called "Shampoo" and another "The One". Beautiful women, called it a strip club, but basically it was a brothel, with either in house or take out on the menu. All of the girls have to be registered "sex workers" and have frequent medical checks. A few years ago 2009 I believe they passed an ordinance moving those clubs and other out of hotel zone."


There are two classes of prostitutes in Cancun.  One class are the ones who look like high fashion models.  You'll pay premium prices for these girls, up to $500. (More or less $6,000 pesos.)    The other class can be found in El Centro for as little as $300 pesos. ($25 USD.)  When you are quoted a number, make certain whether they are talking dollars or pesos.  There is a 12X differential.  Like all resort towns, Cancun has it's hotel zone and tourist area, then the larger downtown area where the normal Mexicans live, work and shop.  If you don't mind paying a premium, stay in the Tourist Zone.  If you want to save money and have more of an adventure, head out to Centro.


Usually, we love Mexican strip clubs.  Unlike the U.S. where you often can't touch, here the dancing is foreplay for little rooms in the back, where your dancer will take you for either a blowjob or full service.  In Cancun, many strip clubs are 6 miles out of town in a walled compound much like Nuevo Laredo.  These clubs have received many bad reviews because hobbyists are shaken down outside the clubs.  Until we hear it's not happening anymore, we recommend staying in town. If you're determinded, take the tour we describe on our strip clubs page.   


There are two types of sex customer in Cancun. Both guys will have a great time in Cancun, and leave happy. One is the guy who doesn't know any Spanish.  This guy doesn't understand the cultural differences between the U.S. and Canada on one side, and Mexican culture on the other.  This guy will end up paying a premium, but compared to back home it's sure to be a bargain.  He either needs help with the language, or help finding a girl, or both.  This guy gets help from the hotel staff, a taxi driver, OPC or uses the first ad he sees. The nice thing about Cancun is that he'll probably get a great girl, have memorable sex, and nothing unsafe will happen. The other guy is an experienced sexual tourist, knows at least a few words in Spanish and doesn't need much help finding what he's looking for. Depending on the opportunities that present themselves, he's comfortable in a strip club, a brothel, massage parlor or picking up a girl off the streets  The experienced guy just has a better chance of paying Mexican rates for a premium experience.  Both should go home safely with excellent memories. 


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