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Cancun is popular for a lot of excellent reasons, but sex from gorgeous independent escorts is not one of them.  It's an international city, with visitors from all over the world.  Being relatively new (unlike Acapulco and Mazatlan) the facilities are of better quality.  The Mexican government has made Cancun a blueprint for resort cities all over the world.  The waters along the Mayan Riviera are among the clearest in the world. Divers can explore the amazing caves along the coast before traveling on to Cozumel.  There are archaeologically significant ruins within easy driving distance. 


Forget strip clubs.  They are expensive and very dangerous.  Outside, local bullies attempt intimidation, looking for "protection" money.  Inside, credit card overcharging, poor service and harassment for tips makes Cancun the worst strip club city in Mexico.  There aren't many independent escorts either.  All-inclusive resorts "protect" their guests and won't allow guests to your room without an OUTRAGEOUS fee.  Cancun is expensive place to live, and the girls simply cannot afford it.  Plus the housing that is available is a minimum 40 minute taxi ride from most hotels.  Fortunately, Cancun has the best brothel in Mexico at the Pleasure Principle.   They have the best looking girls in Mexico, and you can visit them at their luxury location.  They even send a car to pick you up and return you at no charge.  In Cancun, experienced visitors know the best escorts are all at the Pleasure Principle. 


The Mayan Riviera has some of the best swinging resorts on the planet.  If you're a swinger (or would like to visit a club), the Pleasure Principle can hook you up with the best trade bait in Mexico.   



Maxim - Loves to Party, Then Have Anal Sex


If you are looking for a girl who knows where the wild parties are, call Maxim.  She loves to dance, and make romance.  Take her to a disco, where you'll be the envy of every man there.  Then take her to your hotel, where Maxim will take the party to a new level.  If you pay a little extra, she'll let you try anal with her.  If you want her to bring a girlfriend, (or you want her to join you and her girlfriend) Maxim loves a good trio.  Make your Cancun vacation special with Maxim, the all night party girl.  Click here to see more photos and get more information about Maxim.


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Montse - New 19 Year Old GFE Escort for Men and Couples


She's new.  She's young.  She's curious, very curious.  Montse has not been a professional escort long.  As a young girl, she learned about sex and became very active.  She experimented with both girls and boys.  When a friend suggested she might as well make money, she enthusiastically "went pro".  Now, she loves her life.  Almost every day she gets to have great sex, and she gets paid for doing what she wants to do anyway!  Want to see more of Monze?  Visit her VIP page for more photos of Cancun's newest and hottest young escort.  You can chat with Montse, but it's better to phone. 

Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283
Local Cancun:  892-0283
From USA:  1-888-266-6952


Sonia - Anal Sex, and Big, Dark Nipples

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes and Lesbian Shows with Men and Couples


Sonia is proud of her body.  She's a slender girl with a huge ass and big dark nipples that fascinate most men.  She is a pleaser.  Do you want to lick and suck her big dark nipples?  She's happy if you're happy.  Want anal sex?  She's even happier.  Heaven for Sonia is when a woman takes her nipples in her mouth while the gentleman gives her anal sex.  She is very bisexual, and guarantees to give your significant other the pleasure experience of her life.  Visit her Sonia's VIP page for more photos and information


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Maya - Busty Erotic Massage Specialist


If you like girls with big, hanging breasts, you'll enjoy Maya.  Let her give you a private table dance that will arouse you beyond belief.  She knows how to use the big breasts she has been blessed with.  She'll tease and titillate.   Let her climb on you wearing nothing, or very little.  She loves giving erotic massage, including a Happy Ending other men only dream about.  Visit her VIP page for more photos of Maya. 

Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283
Local Cancun:  892-0283
From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Pamela - GFE, Perfect Tiny Body


Check out that body!  Pamela is the most beautiful gym rat you'll ever meet.  She keeps her body perfect, hoping you'll want to have sex with her.  She's a slender, tiny girl with beautiful, full breasts that seem to jump off her chest.  We don't know what exercises she uses to make her butt cheeks (called "pompis" in Spanish), but whatever she's doing, her lovers are appreciate her effort.  She's the perfect combination of tits and ass, and totally into men, and only men.  She'll make you grateful you were born male.  Want to see more photos of Pamela?  Check out her VIP page.  


Live Chat With Pamela  


Fatima - 19 Year Old Escort


Are you looking for a beautiful young Mexican teenager with big breasts and a beautiful body to make all your vacation dreams come true?  Fatima and her teen hormones are raging, and she's constantly horny.  She looks even better in person.  She hides her face because her family is local, and she wants to get married later.  For now, Fatima just wants to have sex as much as possible, and hopes you'll choose her to satisfy your desire for adventure, excitement and romance.  Visit Fatima's VIP page if you'd like more info and to see more photos.  Fatima is available in both Cancun and PDC.   

Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283
Local Cancun:  892-0283
From USA:  1-888-266-6952