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Many men want the best, but not all are willing to pay for it.  If you are willing to pay a little more and want the best companion, in or out of bed, contact Kylie Cabo.  She is warm, funny, affectionate, widely read and loves good conversation.  You'll be proud to be seen with Kylie in public.  She is always dressed perfectly, no matter if it's the beach, a club, a fine restaurant or in the privacy of your hotel room. You'll be amazed by the experience in private.  You know the saying "A perfect lady in public, a perfect wh***e in bed"?  Kylie takes equal pride in being both.  She eats sensibly, only drinks socially, doesn't touch drugs, and works out two hours each day.  Kylie strives for perfection in everything she does, including your sexual satisfaction.   


Kylie speaks fluent English.  You will speak with her, but only if you are physically in Cabo.  Kylie has no patience for the many timewasters who attempt to contact her.  These losers include guys who want photos to masturbate to, or men without serious intentions but a million questions.  A typical scenario is a guy who wants Kylie to send her X-rated photos because he thinks he might visit Cabo some day.  This group includes 4 out of 5 males who attempt contact.  Please don't waste everyone's time.  If you are the 1 in 5 who is in Cabo, and serious about service, please reply to her phone number or email address below.  Include your local phone number, or your hotel, room number, the hotel phone number, and the name registered with the hotel.  Kylie apologizes to the serious gentlemen who might be offended by her conditions, but please understand you are in the minority.  Kylie is worth the effort.


Kylie wants to meet you, become friends, then satisfy your most intimate desires.  Without being arrogant, she knows she's the best.  She knows her time is not inexpensive.  Kylie is like shopping for clothing at a fine men's store.  There is a moment of pain at the register when you pay a higher price than you would at some discount store.  Then you get to enjoy the pleasure of having the best.  Two hours costs $500 USD, 5 hours cost $1000 USD  You can take her to dinner.  Take her dancing.  Then take Kylie to bed.  You get what you pay for.  She knows that you will enjoy complete satisfaction,  again and again and again.  Kylie promises she will absolutely be the best experience in a vacation you will never forget.



How To Make An Appointment With Kylie Cabo


To make an appointment with Kylie, please send an email with the following information

  1. The date you want your appointment

  2. The time you want your appointment to begin

  3. Do you want 2 hours ($500 USD) or 5 hours? ($1000 USD.)

  4. The name of your hotel or resort, or the address where you will be staying

  5. If a hotel, the room number.  (If you haven't arrived, you won't have a room number.  Instead, let Kylie know when you will check in.)

  6. Your name.  If you are staying at a hotel or resort, Kylie needs the EXACT name you registered with the hotel.  She will be stopped by hotel security in the lobby.  This isn't sometimes.  It's EVERY time.  If she has your name, matching the name you registered with the hotel, and your room number, she will be allowed to pass.  If not, Kylie will be mistreated by the pissant hotel staff.  Your date will begin with Kylie being humiliated by hotel staff.  You'll have to come down and rescue her.  Kylie will NOT feel sexy after being abused. 

+521 624 108 6831   Whatsapp





+521 624 108 6831   Whatsapp



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+521 624 108 6831   Whatsapp




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