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The best escort service in Cabo is Splash.  It's not just an escort service.  Splash is a little of everything.  It's a bar and cabaret.  Splash is a strip club, a massage parlor and brothel.  All the cabaret performers and strippers are massage therapists.  They are also hookers/escorts/prostitutes.  The girl who was on stage just 5 minutes earlier can be sucking your cock in a private room before the applause dies.  The waitress with the nice butt may let you fuck her in the ass.  The hostess may give you a massage with the happiest ending of your life.  And all of them are available to return to your hotel or residence for a serious night of partying and sex. 


Beyond Splash, your options become darker.  There are many scams.  One scam is the "deposit" or "reservation fee" fraud.  You answer an ad, and the reply asks you to send money.  You won't see a girl.  The object is to get you to make a deposit.  If you do a Google search, you will find the same ad is running in multiple cities.  Either your whore has a private jet, or the whole idea is to make a little money from a lot of victims.  Mexico doesn't have consumer protection.  There is a governmental department, but they accept bribes.  Your complaint is appreciated.  Part of the money stolen from you will be paid to a corrupt Mexican official, who will be delighted to demand a bribe from the people who cheated you. 


Unless you speak Spanish and understand the culture here.  It's easier and safer to go to Splash. 


Splash - Strip Club With Outcall Service to Your Home, Boat or Hotel

English Spoken


While they are primarily set up for incall visits, Splash is also happy to send you an outcall escort.  They have many to choose from.   Your escort will wear many hats; dancer, entertainer, waitress, cocktail service, massage therapist (very unlicensed, with more focus on the Happy Ending), and prostitute.  The women of Splash are equally comfortable with giving you a massage, serving a drink, dancing for your pleasure, or sucking your cock.  Call for more information on rates and the girls who are available.  The operators speak English.  See the Splash VIP page for more photos and information.


www.splashcabos.com       https://www.facebook.com/splashcabaret      info@splashcabos.com      624-143-4058


Streetwalkers in Cabo San Lucas


There's a report about where to find the street prostitutes in Cabo on a sex forum website. " Rumor has it that the hookers in Cabo hang out behind El Squid Roe and Cabo Wabo. We think they might just be drunk tourists, but what do we know? Cabo escorts can likely be found in the phone book."  This is what happens when non-Hobbyist people try to help.  Mexican women dress sexy.  You don't want to embarrass yourself.  The advice about the phone book isn't bad.  When we want a street girl in a new city, we usually get the help of a bilingual taxi driver.  They know the Mexican areas as well as where to find the girls in the hotel zone. Young bilingual men working in hotels can also be very helpful, especially getting the girls past security  .  




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