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Cabo is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth, it's a destination resort for sexual tourism.  It's a Mexican city where many providers speaks English, which makes it easier to navigate for the casual visitor.  Escorts are plentiful, but hard to find.  You can find a few on our escorts page.


Strip Club lovers find an exhaustive list of clubs.  Like Strip Clubs everywhere, standards at various clubs varies from visit to visit as the individual girls and managers turn over.  The best is Splash, where they import girls from all over the world.  It's four stories, with a rooftop bar, a nightly cabaret show  Strip Clubs in Cabo are not cheap.  (Price reports on older forums say $250 USD for a cbj, $400 for full service.  That's higher than most U.S. cities.)   But.... if you have the money, you can spend your entire vacation at the Splash club and go home with amazing memories.


There are both agencies and independent escorts to serve you.  The agency girls cost $300 to $500 an hour, so many guys get help contacting a Spanish speaking professional for a fraction of the cost.  Mexican girls are different.  The hookers don't kiss or give blowjobs without condoms.  Some even refuse to undress.  This is more true with the street hookers and independents than the girls the services send you.  Always make sure you ask specific questions when you are making a date.  Cabo is an international city, but it's still Mexico.  The sexual customs are different. 


When you're not having sex, the beaches are beautiful, the water is clear, excellent golf courses are plentiful and there's no end of things to see and do.  It's no wonder that Cabo and Cancun have become the premier destination for both singles and couples.



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Want to find a girl, but don't speak Spanish? No problem. Let us help. For $800 pesos we'll use our bilingual skills to call any escort you like. Pay at any Oxxo convenience store. We'll give you links to websites where independent hookers advertise in Spanish.  You only need to pick the girls you are attracted to from the pictures. We'll have dozens of girls for you to select from. "Spanish Only" Mexican prostitutes are usually much less expensive (and much sexier) than the bilingual girls. Usually your savings will be greater than our fee.  You don't have to speak Spanish to have amazing sex with a beautiful Mexican girl.  Click here if you would like more details. 

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