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escort in t-shirt showing cleavageDon't despair if you are looking for an escort in Aguascalientes and don't speak Spanish.  Most "Spanish Only" sexo servidoras are only too happy to work with you.  Just learn a few key phrases from our Vocabulary page.  You simply need to say what you want.  I want a date is "quiero una cita".  You need to agree on where ("donde"), when ("cuando") and how much ("cuanto es").  These girls may rattle off a bunch of Spanish at you.  Be like a politician, and stick to the script. 


You can also find someone bilingual to help you set the appointment.  Mexicans aren't embarrassed by prostitution like they are in the U.S.   The nice lady who has been so helpful at the front desk at your hotel would probably make the call for you, but many guys feel awkward.  Don't.  It's normal in Mexico.  If you are more comfortable working with men, pick a waiter or bellman or bartender or taxi driver.  $50 pesos (about $4) would be easy money for a phone call, and they would all be happy to work with you. 


The advantage of getting an escort appointment with a Mexican girl is simple: they cost less.  Just make sure it includes everything you want.  For example, if you rent a chica for 3 hours, make sure it includes multiple pops.  If you want to kiss, make it part of the deal.  One common pitfall is that you assume she'll get naked.  Don't.  If the price is low (like $300 pesos) it may be for 20 minutes with clothed only sex and no oral.  You can't go wrong with our ads.  The prices are very low ($1,000 pesos is like $80 USD) and some of the girls only take an appointment or 2 a month.  Gotta love those housewife hookers in Aguascalientes! 




Chica Tapatia - 19

$1,000 Pesos


Do you like having sex with young girls?  I am only 19, but I'm an experienced and willing.  Those are my real photos.  I'm slender, with good tits and ass.  I will help fulfill your fantasies.  I'll go to your hotel or motel 24 hours a day.  Call me and I'll tell you more.  Only $1,000 pesos for an hour.


449101 7517





I'm an independent escort named Mia.  I'm young, clean, a little chubby and willing to do whatever you want.  Call me anytime and ask what I'll do for you. 


4492 23 9323



Tamara Julieta - Student Wants Sex

$1,500 Pesos


I'm a student, and love to dress in a pretty schoolgirl outfit.  Do you have schoolgirl fantasies?  I want your arms around me and your penis inside be.  My name is Juliet, and I'm 5'7" tall, slender with an ass you're going to want to experience.  Contact me now!


4491 02 0678



Luna - 24 Hours a Day

$800 Pesos


I want your hands to explore every inch of my body, Baby.  I work any day, any hour.  You'll like my service.  


4492 64 2898



Aura - 35 Year Old MILF

$1,000 Pesos


I'm a new escort, but not new at sex.  I've got 38D breasts you can enjoy any way you like.  I'm mature, and like sex slow and comfortable with a pounding finish.  I'm sure I'll like anything you want to do with me.  I'm too old to play games, run scams, or try to surprise you.  Just pay me a thousand pesos and I'll give you the best sex of your life. 





Monse - 23 years old, Likes Giving Blowjobs


Hi, I'm  Monse and I'm 23 years old.  I'm willing, passionate and affectionate.  I love giving blowjobs then having you penetrate my pussy.  It will be our secret.  You'll love what I can do with my little mouth. 


4491 97 5896



Danyy - The Best Anal Sex


I'm a big breasted girl without inhibitions.  I'll lick your ass (toss your salad) then you can have my ass for anal sex.  Want to press my 36DD boobs together so you can titty fuck me?  Let's get nasty.  I like men with imagination, and am not afraid of your fantasies.  Call me and tell me what you want. 


4491 97 5896



Yesenia -  $700 for 1 1/2 Hours


I'm looking for men who like big, busty women and aren't afraid of giving oral sex.  Let me be your sweet candy and eat me baby.  I'm very clean.  Don't worry, I'll suck and fuck you better than any other woman has ever done.  I love giving blowjobs, especially if a man eats me good.  It will be a hot 90 minutes, and all for only $700 pesos.  Call me and tell me what you want.  I promise the answer will be "yes".    


4492 03 5593   yesenia140572@yahoo.com.mx




Keira Yesenia


I'm a mature woman from Aguascalientes, built for comfort, with big breasts and wide hips.  I'm attractive and sexy, and I know what men want sexually.  I'm not a shy little girl.  I'm a passionate woman.  Want to titty fuck me?  I don't mind.  My tits are big and firm.  Call me anytime, I'll be at your hotel or motel in 20 minutes.  I want you to call me now. 

4491 95 2509


Shakira - $1,000 Pesos An Hour and a Half


I'm 23 years old.  How about a massage to start, a blowjob to get you excited, then vaginal sex in any position that pleases you.  My sessions are an hour and a half, so we can take our time and enjoy it.  $1,000 pesos, and I pay the taxi and bring the condoms.  After you've cum, why don't we take a shower together and let me clean you off. 


4491.38.9107   shakira_escort@hotmail.com


Lluvia - Student Escort


Hi.  You can call me Lluvia.  (Pronounced "you-vee-ah".)  In English, my name means "rain".  I've got pale skin, and I'm tall and pretty with long, dark hair.  I'm a 22 year old student.  I'm the girl in the photo or you don't pay.  Call me.   








Hi, I'm a blonde haired, green eyed independent escort of Aguascalientes.  I'm slender with a great ass, professional and I really enjoy sex.  For a sweet treat, call me at any hour.  I'm come to you at your hotel or home. 


4491 18 2230  armixg@hotmail.com  4499 28 5965



Delgadita - 24 horas


Looking for a good time?  Call me.  I'm tall, slim, with white skin and a willing body.  24 hours a day. 


449 928 5965



Anahi - Anal and More


I'm tall, dark with a 34 bustline.  I'm passionate and very willing.  If you want a fine time without any boundaries, including anal, I'm your girl.  Call me 24/7.  I'll come to your home or hotel. 


449 414 6607



Fani - Anal, $1,000 Pesos


I'm Fani, dark haired, medium height, good breasts and bottom, passionate, willing to do what you want.  Let's have a good time at your hotel or in your home.  Call anytime. 


4494 14 6607



All the girls on this page speak Spanish only 


Note:  Almost all the girls operate from cell phones.  This link is to excellent instructions on how to place calls to Mexican phone numbers.  Usually, you just dial 044 first then her 10 digit number.  That's if you are already in Mexico, and the girl is local.  If the number is still a cell phone but it's a number from a different city, you dial 045 first.  (If all the ad numbers begin with "449", and her number starts "322", you can figure she's visiting.)  There are other numbers you have to dial first if you're calling from the United States, calling land lines within Mexico, etc.  Just click the link above.  It's just a few extra numbers, and the calls won't cost you much.  These women cost a fraction of what a comparable would cost in the U.S....as low as $200 for a blowjob.  That's Pesos, not Dollars.   




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